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This week in History for November 23 2011

La Veta

1900: The team of Lawrence Kreutzer ran away from the flour mill Tuesday, crossed the river with a flying leap where the bridge on Virginia Street used to be, and tore east through town until they ran into a tree.
1907: A freight wreck occurred Sunday night near what is known as Windy Point about nine miles west of here, when a caboose and car load of potatoes jumped the track and rolled down the embankment.
1913: Edwin L. Smith is taking out the partition between his big store on the corner and the old theater; this will give his furniture and hardware a clear floor space of 50 by 100 feet in which to display goods to their best advantage.
1919: G.A. Mayes has been busy during the good weather putting up more cottages at Cuchara Camps to accommodate his increased tourist business.
1926: Mr. Cameron has brought in a drill to prospect some land north of Ojo for coal. Drilling was also ongoing at the Fern mine, but the drill caught fire last night and burned up.
1932: Died, Ovie Francisco, 56, a native of La Veta, in Los Angeles. He leaves his mother Ann Hamilton Francisco and a son Andres. He was a civil engineer and former county surveyor for Huerfano County but went to California for his health.
1938: La Veta will be cut off the main route to Alamosa with the construction of a 1,000 foot long tunnel called Whiskey Pass to carry traffic from Trinidad through the Culebra mountain range to the San Luis Valley.
1944: Bruce “Sonny” Prator called his mother from the West Coast where he had just landed after serving 19 months with the U.S. Navy in the Pacific theater.
1950: Davis Holmes is seeing the Mediterranean on board the USS Midway, an aircraft carrier, as a member of Carrier Air Group Seven.
1956: Former Huerfano County Commissioner and La Veta resident Allen J. Roush lost control of his car near Ojo and it rolled into the creek. He escaped injury but there was $500 damage to his car.
1964: Evalyn C. Walker and Thomas Kmetz of Re-2 Board of Education received honor roll certificates from the Colorado Association of School Boards.
1971: Named to the all-conference football team of the Southern Peaks A League were Brett Arnold, John Britton, Robert Long and David Shrout.
1979: The Town of La Veta has a 1980 budget totaling $145,645. The levy of 10 mills is unchanged from 1979.
1987: Jim and Karen Vietti hosted a group in honor of Neal Cocco’s birthday by opening their restaurant for a preview of the new menu in the newly remodeled dining room.


1899: A team hitched to a load of hides ran away Tuesday down Main Street but one animal fell when the heavy cart overturned on Mazzone’s corner and was rendered “horse de combat”.
1906: You will have a good time at the masquerade ball on Thanksgiving night. Admission is 50¢ for every body.
1915: One would think that a feller who is so strong for peace as President Wilson would stay single.
1921: Walsenburg area miners are still quiet during the present strike but they say they resent the martial law imposed by the government and the presence of the state rangers.
1928: Offices in the county court house will close today for the St. Mary and Lamar play off game.
1933: Nick and Bill Agnes are dissolving their business, started by their father Charles 44 years ago as a small shoe shop. The brothers, with Mike Kalmes, took over 25 years ago though Kalmes later left the partnership. The Agnes store in Gardner, Hudson-Agnes Mercantile, will remain open for business.
1939: Federal agencies will provide loans, direct relief and emergency food supplies to 400 farm families in Huerfano County requiring drought assistance.
1945: All rationing of meats, butter, fats and oils will end tonight at midnight.
1951: Graveling will begin on city streets Dec. 15. The county is paying for the project since the city is in the county.
1957: Walsenburg Lions Club has thus far raised $225 through its candy bar sale for the municipal swimming pool and adjoining park on Seventh Street.
1963: St. Sen. Sam T. Taylor flew to Washington, DC, to attend the funeral of President John F. Kennedy, slain by an assassin’s bullet last Friday, Nov. 22.
1968: John Day will be the new head basketball coach at Walsenburg High School, taking over from Edgar DeVan.
1973: The WHS basketball team, through several fund raising projects, bought themselves 12 new sets of warm-up jackets and pants.
1980: City of Walsenburg Finance Director Richard Ridge told members of City Council he and the utility office staff will send out the first billings from the new IBM computer in December.
1986: An error in calculation of CO2 gas production by Atlantic Richfield oil company has caused a $2,782,468 increase in Huerfano County valuation, bringing the 1986 valuation to $75,466,518, of which ARCO’s valuation is $39,401,659.