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This week in history for November 11, 2010

La Veta

1905: Construction of F.T. Hardy’s adobie  [sic] home on south Main Street is nearing completion. He will also, we understand, build a carpenter’s shop on the same lot.

1912: Of the 410 citizens registered in La Veta Precinct #35, 297 voted, including 67 straight Republicans, 80 Democrats, 11 Prohibition, 4 Progressive and 12 Socialists. The rest were split tickets.

1918: Our readers must please understand the lack of local news owing to the ban on public meetings and gatherings due to the Spanish Influenza epidemic.

1925: No special celebration of Armistice Day, except the closing of stores, occurred here, but very many doubtless lived over that feeling of thankfulness and relief from anxiety when the big conflict in Europe ended seven years ago.

1931: Talkies will arrive in La Veta tomorrow, Nov. 12, with the “Pendleton Round-Up” and other features.

1937: WPA Recreation Instructor Bryan Denton has arranged to rent and provide lighting for the rear rooms in the Columbine Pool Hall for activities for young people.

1943: Mr. Harrington moved his family from Rye into the top floor of Mrs. H.E. “Kit” Magee’s apartment house and is working at Walter’s Barber Shop.

1948: According to the weather man, the bride gets all the showers and the groom catches all the thunder.

1953: At the 4-H Achievement Day awards ceremony, five year pins were given to Lowell Goemmer, Kay Piner, Jimmy Geiser and Judy Marker. Some 300 people attended and enjoyed the square dance called by Charles Ottinger following the awards.

1959: Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Heikes are parents of their sixth child, a girl born Nov. 11 and named Sandra Jean.

1967: Newly elected officers of the 4-H Club Council are Christine Aguirre, president; Monty Tatman, vice president; Cindy Kimbrel, secretary and Gwen Gross, treasurer. Maurice Heikes is reporter and Wayne Smith will be recreation leader.

1976: Town Board has adopted by resolution a budget for 1977 totaling $92,200 based on a levy of 15 mills, the same as the past year.

1984: George F. Wagner and Jennifer L. Kramer were married Nov. 3.


1900: A knife fiend has whittled the railing on Lover’s Bridge entirely in two and cut out a piece. It is evident that some swain has grown very earnest in his pleadings.

1907: Some mischief maker let both town horses out of their stalls at the fire house Monday evening during a five minute absence of street commissioner Wellsby.

1915: One would think that a feller so strong for peace as Pres. Wilson would stay single.

1920: Four bandits accosted and brutally assaulted William Coss, son of the editor of the Independent and driver of the Pueblo and Walsenburg auto stage, on the first day of the stage’s regular operation.

1927: Died, John Pillow, said to be 110 years old and born in England in 1817.  He came to the United States in 1838 and voted for Lincoln when he was 40 years old.

1933: The best of the boxing bouts last night was that between Mickey Moran and Cass Vigil who beat each other silly.  Moran won.

1940: Remodeling of the Klein Motor Company building on East 6th provides a ground floor office for rent on the west.

1947: A boy playing with matches set fire to the San Isabel Lumber Company at Gardner but quick work by the volunteers averted a  sure disaster to neighboring buildings.

1952: The Walsenburg Carnation Set won third place in the National Square Dance Jamboree in Amarillo.  Members are Jerry Repola, JoElen Zgut, Tommy Michelli, Rose Marie Nigro, Madaline Pavlick, Jimmy Crisp, Patty Corsentino, Fred Meneghini and Margaret Van Schoyck.

1958: Dick Federico and Mrs. Patty Zanolini were forced into the basement of Star Drug by two armed robbers wearing masks and they are still at large.

1965: Some 21 persons, including three teachers and recreation leaders, will be employed by Lathrop State Park Youth Camp scheduled to open next summer.

1973: Negotiations are continuing with property owners on west 6th and 7th streets between Albert and Hendren to build a modern, new and larger Safeway Store.

1980: The Huerfano Valley Citizens Alliance has been formed to learn Atlantic Richfield Company’s (ARCO) intentions and impact on the area by the proposed gas pipeline from Sheep Mountain to Texas.