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This week in History for November 03 2011

La Veta
1897: Superintendent John Calderhead, his wife and children, came down from the Bulls Eye mine to take refuge from the recent snow storm – they report the snow is five to six feet deep up there.
1904: Charles Tracy brought us a sample of his 16 to 1 variety of potato, of which he planted 100 pounds of seed and raised 1,600 pounds of potatoes.
1910: Died, J.B.Slone, a native of Kentucky who served as a captain in the Confederate Army. He went to Arizona in 1865 and to the San Luis Valley in 1871, where he was an early prospector in the Grayback district before moving to La Veta.
1917: The Methodist people took in $11 at their Hallowe’en social held in the Lester building.
1924: One beneficial result of Hallowe’en customs is the subsequent necessity of washing windows, which The Advertiser annually takes advantage of.
1929: Col. A.G. Boone and Col. Francisco built the first store in south Pueblo at the foot of Santa Fe Avenue. Col. Francisco sent the stock from his store at Fort Garland but Col. Boone lost it all when his store manager left with the stock and cash at the beginning of the Civil War.
1936: Rado Drum says he’s the proudest man in America – he lives in the only Republican town in the United States.
1942: Coffee is to be rationed to one pound per person over 15 years old for every five weeks, beginning Nov. 28.
1950: James Murrell went to Dawson, N. Mex., where he was a mine official for 18 or 20 years, and says that city is fast becoming a ghost town.
1956: Harry R. Willis of La Veta was the only Republican to win a county office and is the new commissioner of District #2.
1962: The first snow arrived Friday and Saturday with intermittent rain showers, and amounted to two inches of moisture which ended the long dry spell.
1970: Cuchara has had 52 inches of snow so far this fall.
1977: Town Board reduced the mill levy by 2.28 mills while adopting a 1978 general fund budget of $62,100.
1983: Jim and Don Vietti will build a $30,000 addition to the former miniature golf course restaurant above Cuchara.
1991: A 12 by 22½ foot addition to the La Veta Library will be built for a media center and storage, with a handicapped entrance.


1893: One of the Hallowe’en pranks came near having a sad sequel, the party being mistaken for chicken thieves.
1899: The ninth grade of high school pupils organized the class of 1902, elected officers and chose pink and green as their class colors.
1906: Ed Lewis received some painful injuries when he lost control of his team while making the turn at Main and Pennsylvania and the buggy ran off the culvert and into the ditch.
1912: The Otto Theater has been enlarged to seat 600 people and will reopen Nov. 12.
1918: The “flu” ban is expected to be lifted this week all over the county and the picture shows and other places will open after nearly a month’s idleness.
1925: For home cooked meals, Jessie Gordon and Mary Holder will serve three meals a day at Mrs. Gordon’s home at the corner of Fifth and Russell streets.
1932: The former Miss Colorado, Linda George of Walsenburg, married Joe Zowada in Raton Oct. 23. She has worked for Katz Department Store the past three years and he is employed by John’s Market.
1939: Effective Sunday, the Fox Valencia Theater will lower prices to 25¢ for the balcony, 35¢ for the lower balcony and main floor, and 10¢ for children.
1945: A new studio, “Photos by Morris”, will be opened tomorrow at 109 E. 5th by Richard and Ellen Morris.
1952: Dr. James M. Lamme Jr. was called to Chico Tuesday when all six election judges became ill with ptomaine poisoning.
1960: Frank Piazza says the Fox Theater will resume a seven day a week schedule after hearing complaints about being closed Wednesdays and Thursdays.
1967: Winners of the Crownette Bowling League’s Hallowe-en costume party were Georgia Campagnola, Pat Soltis, Doris Fink, Vickie Martinez and Eva Balich, who make up the Paul Krier Agency team.
1974: Lois (Mrs. Tom) Harron is retiring from Public Health nursing after serving this area for the past 26 years.
1980: The new Walsenburg Auto Supply Store at 227 W. 7th, a NAPA outlet, will be opened in February according to John Luginbill, co-owner. The old store at 6th and Main streets opened three years ago.
1988: Chrissy Rodriguez, daughter of Fred and Geri Rodriguez of Walsenburg, won firsts in both talent and glamour in the annual Kids of America contest for Raton, Trinidad, Walsenburg and Pueblo.