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This week in history for June 5, 2014

Walsenburg 1877: Cucharas as a town is among the things that were. Dead as Carson or Sheridan. El Moro is now a flourishing place, giving considerable evidence of permanent prosperity. Already there are three large forwarding houses, two billiard saloons, a gambling hall, hotel and several boardinghouses. 1883: Ex-Gov. Hunt, formerly a prominent officer of the Denver & Rio Grande, recently requested a trial run and the little narrow gauge made the 46 mile run from Pueblo to Cucharas in just 49 minutes. 1896: An architect visited our school and recommended that the south wall which leans an inch or so be firmly secured and the roof well anchored, at an approximate cost of $3,000. 1902: Henry Gordon, born in Ireland in 1842, came to this area 30 years ago when he was sent from Denver by Gov. Hunt and Gen. Walsen to superintend the opening of the mines at Walsen. 1909: About 25 old soldiers gathered in front of the court house Memorial Day and, escorted by the boys of the Colorado National Guard, marched to the Masonic cemetery to decorate graves, then retraced their steps and went on to the Catholic cemetery. 1916: Messrs. James Dick, Plummer Gardner and Harry Gordon are home for the summer from Wentworth Military Academy. 1923: Eighth grade graduates receiving perfect attendance diplomas were Thelma Rogers of Dand School, John Pazar, Ruth Yano, Carlo Tessitore and John Nizzi, Hill School, and Fred Smith, Pictou. 1930: More than 800 persons attended commencement in the county high school auditorium to see 46 seniors graduate. 1937: An argument started in the hobo jungles on the eastern outskirts of the city ended in a knife fight in the Colorado and Southern yards. Two men are now in the county jail. 1943: The first [railroad] carload of Huerfano County wool left Walsenburg yesterday for Boston. 1951: Walsenburg Rotary Club will observe its Silver Anniversary June 6 when John Kirkpatrick, Dr. A.A. Unfug, Paul Krier, Sterling Andrews, Joe O’Byrne, James Fisk and Frank Mauro will receive their 25-year pins. 1958: A two hour magic show will be sponsored by the Lions Club June 16 to benefit the landscaping project at swimming pool park. 1964: Walsenburg’s municipal swimming pool will open officially for the season at 10 a.m. this Saturday, according to Mrs. John Sudar, manager. 1970: The Pitch, Hit and Throw contest sponsored by local Phillips “66” dealers was won by David J. Vigil, first, and Emmett J. King, second, in the nine-year-olds division. 1978: With the closure of the Walsenburg power plant after 67 years of operation, Scott Kirkpatrick remembers when he started work there June 1, 1918 at 35 cents an hour for a 12-hour shift. 1984: Of the $22,965 Walsenburg received from lottery funds, almost $18,000 will go to upgrading Hendren Street Park and Triangle Park, and $5,000 has been earmarked for Downtown Development. 1991: A new $261,000 building will be erected at Seventh and Main streets for Hardee’s Restaurant.

La Veta 1877: The Rio Grande railway has completed its tracks west of town to a distance of about eight and a half miles, or to the first toll gate in the Veta Pass at an altitude of 8,119 feet, and rail after rail are being spiked, stretching toward the mountains and passing onwards to the banks of the Rio Grande. 1886: Town Board will levy a special tax of three cents for the running expenses of the town, which are expected to be about $510 this year. 1893: The Wahatoya Gold and Silver Mining Company has built a small storehouse near the railroad depot, although the Somerset is the only mine on the West Peak working at present. 1900: Any person driving or riding across the bridge over the Cucharas on Francisco Street faster than a walking pace will be fined $10.00. 1907: James Powell has opened his Photo Gallery for the summer season. 1914: Phone Blue 19 and have The La Veta Bakery pack and deliver a gallon of ice cream for your Sunday dinner. 1920: G.A. Mayes has lately placed signs advertising Cuchara Camps along the principal highways as far south as Raton, New Mexico, directing the way for tourists. 1927: Since the restriction of two hours of sprinkling per day was announced, it can be realized how much water we have been wasting for it looks as if everything is being kept up nicely. 1933: Ladies were scarce in La Veta yesterday, most of them being at Cuchara Camps for Mrs. Lloyd Powell’s quilting bee. 1938: High winds and hail did considerable damage to trees, crops, and gardens Saturday and broke out a plate glass window at Fred Kreutzer’s pool hall. 1944: Mrs. Charles Masinton has moved to Walsenburg with her sons while her husband is in the military service and Mrs. Dora Bruce will occupy their house. 1950: Merciful rain Thursday extinguished a forest fire five miles west of Sulphur Springs which had kept a force of 40 men busy all night. The fire, believed to have been caused by a spark from a train, burned about 100 acres. 1956: High school students assisting in the library the past term were Marilyn Lammers, head, Claire Carver, Jackie Brewer, Betty Willis and Judy Geiser. 1963: Francisco Fort Museum opened Memorial Day for the season with a celebration honoring Mrs. Murray Daniels, donor of the old fort. 1969: Mrs. Charles Powell was feted on her 86th birthday May 23 with many friends, neighbors and family members. 1976: Bill and Alice Cribbs of Oklahoma City are managing the Cuchara Chuck Wagon this summer. 1983: Rev. Mark Anderson of the La Veta Baptist Church was in the pulpit Sunday to officially open the Cuchara Chapel for the season. 1989: Town Board awarded the contract to build a new sidewalk from Main Street to the new post office on East Ryus Avenue to Duran Construction of Walsenburg for $1,096.