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This week in history for July 15, 2010

La Veta

1907: Times must be looking up. Three saloons are now seeking the patronage of the thirsty ones, and receiving it.

1911: The county surveyor and crew are locating a route for a new county road running from the south Abeyta to Middle Creek canyon in the Oakview area.

1917: There are 1,539 men in Huerfano County registered for the military, of which 98 must serve in the first draft.

1925: Of the 2,894 motor vehicles licensed in Huerfano County, 2,748 are passenger cars, 142 trucks and four are motorcycles.

1930: Weekend rains and temperatures down into the 40s made residents heap up blazes in the kitchen stoves. Fresh snow was seen on the mountains.

1935: The La Veta Band will have a carnival July 27 to help pay for their new uniforms.

1940: Five No. 2 cans of corn, $1, or five of peas, $1; 2 house dresses, $1; 4 pillow cases, $1, during Dollar Days at the E.C. Stream store this Friday and Saturday.

1946: Liberal applications of paint have improved the Park Lane Hotel, La Veta Smoke House, Jim’s Pools Hall, Coleman Drug, Cash and Carry, Gamble’s, Railroad Park Service Station, Snack Shack, Walter’s Barbershop, Howard’s Lumber & Supply and La Veta Light, Heat and Power Co.

1951: Workmen are erecting a two-car cinder block garage for Joe Robino behind his La Veta Locker Plant on Ryus Avenue.

1957: The La Veta chapter of Rotary Club International is observing its 50th  birthday.

1965: Bill John Hickey killed a large rattlesnake with eight rattles and a button on the porch of Mrs. Otto Goemmer’s home.

1969: Six of the 17 flower boxes on Main Street were torn up the night of July 4th when the streets lights went out.

1974: Marriage licenses were issued in June by County Clerk Conrad Cordova to Dennis N. Brgoch, La Veta and Toni Marie Ugolini, Walsenburg; and to Joseph S. Geiser and Angela Teresa Baudino, both of La Veta.

1980: The School Band Mothers served about 200 people at their barbecued pork and elk lunch in the Cuchara Community Center on the Fourth, where Charlie Blackwood’s band and, later, Good Old Jazz, entertained the crowd.


1902: The drought continues and water is so scarce in both the Huerfano and Cucharas rivers it is scarcely safe to travel with a team because people will no longer let travelers water their horses from their home wells.

1908: The heavy rainstorm Sunday afternoon brought an almost annual occurrence – the flooding of Main Street. In consequence, the electrical plant [on Fourth Street] was under water and Walsenburg was without power all that entire night.

1916: Editor Bissell writes from Cuchara Camps that many tourists are gathering nightly around the “camp fire” of that resort roasting wienies and playing games.

1922: The miners at Ravenwood have gone out on strike in sympathy with the union miners who have been out since April 1.

1931: The American Legion picnic at Cuchara Camps drew a record crowd and over 500 pounds of roast beef were served.

1936: Huerfano County will be included in the list of emergency drought counties on the recommendation of representatives from nine counties of southeastern Colorado.

1941: A number of close calls were reported in the electrical storm and one direct hit to the Edgar DeVan house at 130 W. Tenth burned a quantity of wiring inside the home.

1946: Both the West First Street playground pool and the Martin Lake reservoir have been closed to public use to prevent the possible spread of infantile paralysis.

1952: Corporal Everette A. DeVan is home on a 30-day furlough after recently returning from serving with the military in Korea.

1958: Exceptionally good wheat crops east of Walsenburg are being harvested and the wheat is going into the newly constructed grain bins in the 100 block of East 5th Street.

1963: Mr. and Mrs. Fred George hosted a housewarming in their new home at 310 Spruce Street over the weekend.

1971: Fiery debris from two Colorado National Guard fighter bombers which collided in midair Monday set off raging forest fires in the rugged terrain of Cucharas Canyon 35 miles northeast of Walsenburg. Both pilots ejected and parachuted to safety.

1979: The Corps of Engineers has notified the Huerfano County Commissioners that Cucharas Dam northeast of Walsenburg is unsafe and needs a spillway immediately.