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This week in history for February 6, 2014


1890: The ladies of the Presbyterian church will give a Valentine’s Day entertainment and supper in the court house. Admission, 10 cents, supper, 25 cents. 1896: The Electric Light Company will extend the lines down Kansas Avenue and take in all of Capitol Hill and Tourist City. Residents in these areas have long clamored for electricity. 1902: The town council passed an ordinance allowing the Colorado and Southern to build and maintain

more tracks on the north side of their depot if it does not interfere with travel upon Fourth or Russell streets. 1909: The sand storm at Gardner Thursday was very bad, causing the mail to arrive an hour late. 1916: Freeman Sumner, agent at the Denver and Rio Grande office here, says January was the banner month with 1,705 railroad cars against 1,202 in January 1915, the previous record. 1923: For Sale: 318 acre farm, house, stable, all fenced, good water, on highway close to mines, $2,200. Slates Real Estate, 109 E. Sixth Street. 1929: Huerfano County Wool Growers Association was organized Saturday with 54 sheep raisers. The board of directors is made up of Claud Swift, J.S. Abila, Ben Archuleta and Paul Wayt. 1936: A hungry and fighting Panther squad showed its true form here last night when Walsenburg defeated the Pueblo Central Wildcats 26-17. 1942: Walsenburg is prepared to move its clocks forward one hour in line with the presidential order to save daylight hours for work. 1948: Opening For Sure Feb. 7, Pomo’s Spudnut Shop, 515 Main. 1954: Lloyd Slevc will open Lloyd’s Drive Inn tomorrow at the west end of Seventh Street, with hamburgers, ice cream, cigarettes, beer to go, gas and oil. 1961: Joseph A. Barron was re-elected president of the St. Mary Parish Credit Union, J.J. Stimack, vice president, John S. Mall, secretary and Garfield Hurtado, treasurer. 1967: A strike of nearly two months ended Friday at the Maitland coal mine where 10 miners returned to work. Del Carbon Coal Company, however, remains closed. 1973: Sewing and cooking classes for girls ages 7-14 will be given in the Walsenburg High School home economics room by the volunteer component of the Teachers Corps under the coordination of Dolores Rodriguez. 1979: David Harriman was named Player of the Year by “Colorado Sidelines” for AA high school play, as well as being chosen Offensive Back of the Year. 1986: Huerfano County Chamber of Commerce will have box lunches catered at the site of the new Development Plus Visitors Center groundbreaking Saturday at the junction of Highways 160 and 12. 1992: Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO) General Manager Larry Nugent says the company is pumping 245 million cubic feet of CO2 per day, up from 193 million at this time last year.

La Veta

1881: Building lots in the new Ojo mining district are restricted to a 50 foot frontage, 100 feet deep and no person shall locate more than two lots. A substantial building must be completed within 30 days after the lot is recorded. 1893: In the 12 years since it was established, the Presbyterian church has gone from seven members to 35 and is employing its fifth minister in the person of Rev. C.H. Bissell. 1899: Wednesday at 7:30 a.m. it was about 30 degrees, but as we were on our way to Walsenburg it was suddenly 15 below. 1905: About 150 members and guests of the Woodmen of the World attended the entertainment and supper in Stranger Hall. 1911: The worst wind storm ever remembered here upended large cottonwoods, tossed iron sheeting around like paper and flattened several barns, including Fred Sager’s large new dairy barn. 1917: Mrs. O.B. Beamer is now presiding over the dry goods department at E.L. Smith’s big store on the corner. 1924: The board of directors for the proposed new national bank in La Veta will be Joe K. Kincaid, W.H. Harrison, Walter A. Campbell, J.B. Hamilton and Alex McDonald. Stockholders include the above plus Levy Kincaid, John H. Kincaid, George H. Blickhahn of Walsenburg and William H. Adamson. 1930: Last Sunday the little ground hog came out to bask in the sun and saw his shadow, leaving us poor mortals to put up with some more hard weather. 1936: Joe Baione applied for a liquor license and will run a lunch counter in his father’s building on Ryus Avenue. 1943: Doris Nauerth has leased the Mountain View Sandwich Shop from Mrs. Mary Clair and will make a few changes in the menu. 1950: Christ the King Catholic Church, under construction since 1945 under the direction of Rev. Howard L. Delaney, is now nearing completion, though Mass has been held there the past two years. 1956: The people of La Veta now support two general stores, four groceries, two lunch counters, two hotels, a barber, a drug store, a shoe shop, one tavern, one pool hall, two service stations, a lumberyard, two locker plants, two truck lines, two feed stores, two insurance firms, a sawmill and a theater. 1962: Barbara Willis celebrated her 15th birthday with a dancing party with her friends in her home. 1968: Died, Claire, youngest and last surviving daughter of Joe K. Kincaid. A native of La Veta, she married the late Dr. A.A. Unfug of Walsenburg in 1919. 1974: The La Veta Redskins now have a 12-1 record after wins over Trinidad Catholic and Aguilar last weekend. 1980: High school forensic students Kathleen Ward, June Van Giesen, Brenda Benson, Kelly Folse, Louise Baldwin, Sandra Winn and Quent Mayo will compete in Colorado Springs next week. 1987: Town Board agreed to open a road on former railroad property as a direct route from Highway 12 to the 4-H grounds along the railroad tracks. The route was previously platted as Moore Avenue.