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This week in history for February 27, 2014


1877: The anniversary of Washington’s Birthday was celebrated in Walsenburg under the auspices of the Masonic fraternity, with parties from all parts of the county congregating. Those from La Veta arrived by special train. 1883: Ex-Judge John F. Read was accidentally shot in the leg at the depot when a revolver in a coat, carelessly thrown down, was discharged and it is feared he may lose the limb [he did]. 1893: Tarabino has a meat market in connection with his store at Walsen and all he needs for a complete outfit is a saloon, which would make him O.K. in the eyes of many. 1900: For Sale: 22×42 five-room house on East 5th, 326 ft from P.O., outbuildings, trees, hydrant and drain pipes. $1906.10. 1908: Deerhorn Poultry Yards, A.P. McIntire, proprietor, Purebred Barred and Buff Plymouth Rock eggs for sale for hatching. 1916: The John Kirkpatrick children were playing “hunting rabbits” this week with a lighted candle under the bed, which ignited the bedclothes and filled the house with smoke though proved to be not serious. 1922: Harry Klein is unable to get around because, while he was trying out a car last week in La Veta, it turned over on him. 1929: Brothers Elroy and Romeo Santistevan, both of Talpa, each lost a young child last week to the effects of pneumonia. 1936: The St. Mary Crusaders ended their regular basketball season with two wins last weekend and will now face St. Joseph’s Bulldogs for the title in the Southern Colorado Parochial League. 1942: Absolutely no licenses for either hunting or fishing in the State of Colorado will henceforth be issued to aliens. 1949: Tony Steffani, singer, and Ross Cruz, guitar and song, won the top honors in the talent show last night in the Fox Theater. 1956: Minimum wage throughout the United States will go from 75 cents an hour to $1.00 per hour as of March 1. 1962: Dr. George Summers, son of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Summers of Walsenburg, has had his doctoral dissertation chosen for publication by the Ford Foundation. 1968: An estimated 27.8 percent of Huerfano County’s female population over the age of 14 years is now in the labor force, compared to 24.9 percent in 1960. 1974: Placing in the Future Business Leaders of America district contest in La Junta were Alan Tomsic, Kim O’Rourke, David Tesitor, Susan Bellotti and Jim Magnone of Walsenburg High School. 1980: Former Walsenburg City Councilman Max Romero, a Korean War veteran and employee of the assessor’s office, has announced his candidacy for Huerfano County Commissioner, District No. 1, as a Democrat. 1987: Archie Levy was elected Huerfano County Republican Central Committee chairman, replacing Sara Jo Murphy. Jesse Manzanares was elected vice president and June Herrington, secretary treasurer. 1994: The Lady Panthers defeated Las Animas 63-46 to become district champions, led by Michele Eccher with 21 points, Gabi Sandoval, 14, and Ginger Eccher with 10.

La Veta

1881: For Sale: Potato ranch, six miles from La Veta, finest scenery on the continent, log house, spring water. Yields 300 bushels to the acre. $600. 1893: Alexander Robsky [Cobsky/Clobsky] has five claims on Silver Mountain and some of his excavations exceed 400 feet. 1899: The Denver and Rio Grande own the land on which the calaboose is located so a new site must be found. Bids to move the building were received from Mr. Pushee for $10.00 and from C. Carroll, $12.00. 1906: Some of our people are planning to attend the married couples dance in Walsenburg March 8th. If you are not married you can’t go, no matter how handsome and rich you may be. 1912: Died, Cornelia Overton Barnard Hamilton in Kansas City, who had spent every summer here since 1875. Among her eight surviving children are J.G. Hamilton and Mrs. A.L. Francisco of La Veta. 1918: James Martin came over from the Muddy country with a load of grain. His remarks about the Badito to La Veta road were painful. 1925: The Bon Ton Syncopated Orchestra was organized by George Summers, director, and other players are Jodie Huesties, David Firm, Harold Kincaid and Mrs. George Summers. 1931: Once again, some of the lamp posts are being removed from the center of the street and the lights placed along the curbs. 1938: For Sale: Foothills cattle pasture. One tract 1,000 acres or more; one tract 640 acres, all fenced, near La Veta. Apply Felix B. Mestas. 1944: Town Hall on West Francisco Street will be the polling place for the April 4 town election. 1950: New officers of La Veta Rotary Club are Charles Masinton, president, H. Tom Brown, vice president, E.A. Stansbury, secretary and J.M. Pisarczyk, treasurer. Other members of the board are Walter Padilla, Charles Krier and E.E. Engberg. 1956: The fourth grade teacher is reading out loud My Friend Flicka. It is about horses. Leslee Filer likes horses very much. 1963: 4-H Club started as Boy and Girl Club Work in Huerfano County in 1917 under County Agent Waldo Kidder, the first. The name was changed to 4-H in 1925. 1969: A daughter was born Sunday, Feb. 23 to Walter “Sonny” and Marilyn Smith in Huerfano Memorial Hospital. 1976: Personal property destruction estimated in the thousands of dollars was the result of the 90-95 mile an hour winds last weekend in Huerfano County. 1982: All residents in the area who are 55 or older are invited to a meeting in the 1899 Inn next Tuesday to organize a chapter of the American Association of Retired Persons. 1988: Petitions to run for mayor have been taken by Al Drum, Michelle McHenry, Harry Willis and Gerald Arnold. Incumbent Mayor Garry Mayfield is not seeking re-election after serving the past six years.