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This week in history for February 14, 2013


1895: The Cactus is falling into the style of compliment employed by the La Veta papers during the campaign. Everyone to his own taste.
1902: Putting up ice is the order of the day at Gardner where people are taking advantage of this cold snap.
1909: Pasquale Pellino, an Italian who was found violently insane at Rouse and put into the county jaill, committed suicide in his cell in the basement of the court house. He has no known relatives.
1916: For Sale – seven acres at Malachite, with an 11-room house currently used as a hotel, outbuildings, orchards, alfalfa, running water through the place, ideal for poultry ranch. Phone 292 for particulars.
1922: Dan Summers and Gretchen Unfug stole a march on their friends and silently stole away to Pueblo Thursday where they were quietly married in the parlor of the Vail Hotel by the Rev. G.S. Darley.
1928: About 30 Walsenburg people motored to the dance at Turkey Ridge school house Saturday evening.
1934: The highway department notified George Carnes to move his Continental Filling Station at the head of Main Street farther from the street.
1940: Civilian Conservation Corps trucks from Gardner broke drifts of as much as four feet deep and spent five hours getting to Walsenburg.
1946: Joe Barron Jr. was the first in Huerfano County to ever receive the honor of becoming an Eagle Scout.
1952: Dr. Bud Lamme will coach for the Lions and Forrest Umphress and E.J. Krier for the Rotary Club in the volleyball game for the benefit of the Colorado Heart Fund.
1958: Jiffy Cake Mix, 10¢; Shurfine Coffee, 81¢ Lb.; Avocados, 3 for 29¢. Star Grocery.
1964: Eighth graders at Walsenburg High School making the honor roll for the first semester were Regina Barbari, P.C. Murr, Joe Stinson and Margie Tomassi.
1972: Mrs. Betty Bell of Pueblo is the new manager of the Montgomery Ward Catalog store at 504 Main Street.
1978: District Judge Albert Tomsic reversed his opinion ruling that the state statute of possession of big game is unconstitutional stemming for a charge against Robert R. Yarbrough.
1984: Walsenburg High School is sending Mike Bobian, Pete Gomez III, Lenny Ruiz, Martin Martinez, David Scarafiotti and Bryan Vallejos to the state Class AA wrestling meet in Denver.
1989: Walsenburg City Council voted to accept an old caboose from the Burlington/Northern Railroad for placement at the Chamber of Commerce visitor’s center in the former railroad depot.
1995: Youth Center Theatre will serve a formal dinner followed by a showing of “Love Affair” starring Warren Beatty and Annette Bening on Valentine’s Day in the historic Fox Theatre.

La Veta

1897: Although the snow is deep in the cuts west of La Veta on the Alamosa [railroad] line, George Mathews comes in on time every day – seems nothing suits George so well as bucking drifts as high as the caboose.
1903: The ice harvest was started on Monday and by Thursday after the snowstorm the day before, 600 or 700 tons had been stored for later shipment.
1908: A remarkable flow of water has broken out on J.M. Elrod’s claim about two miles northeast of town. His father several years ago dug a well and found water at 13 feet.
1914: G.A. Mayes has contracts for building two summer cottages at Cuchara Camps and is expecting more this spring.
1920: A deputy collector for the internal revenue will be in La Veta State Bank Feb. 20 to assist people in making out their income tax returns.
1925: Aguilar High School came up to La Veta for a basketball game and went home with an 8-6 loss, in a game noted only by rough playing and poor sportsmanship on both sides.
1931: Eggs are selling at eight cents a dozen in Kansas yet we are paying 25 cents here in La Veta.
1937: The new Gene Autry picture “The Big Show” will be shown at the Rialto Theater Saturday and Sunday with the Beverly Hill Billies, Lightcrust Doughboys and the Sons of the Pioneers.
1943: The senior class had a Victory Tag drive and earned enough to buy an $18.75 war bond.
1950: B & F Garage, Earl Baker and Elden Falk, proprietors, is offering this week a Complete Motor Checkup for $3.50.
1956: La Veta no longer has a “party” system and nomination to town offices will be by petition only.
1962: The La Veta Redskins defeated Moffat, 74-60, led by Dick Willcox with 27 points.
1968: Judy Kay was the name chosen by Mr. and Mrs. George Rogers for their first daughter born Friday in Huerfano Memorial Hospital. She joins a brother, George Vincent, two and a half years old.
1974: Six new 4-H Clubs are being started in La Veta this month under the leadership of Tom Verquer, Bobbie Andreatta, Betty Weir, Dick Kreutzer, Betty Klein and Ellis Weir.
1981: The high school girls’ basketball team won its first game of the season over the Aguilar Wildcats Friday night, 53-43, and the boys defeated the Custer County Bobcats, 56-46.
1987: Eighteen elementary girls were invested into the new Brownie Scout troop under the leadership of Lottie Hastings, Melissa Combes and Irene Heikes.
1994: Phil and Chris Wilson, David and Catie, are settled into their new home at 512 S. Spruce Street.