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This week in history for December 3, 2015

Walsenburg 1893: The Democratic candidates in the recent election have brought a suit against the Republican winners because of illegal voters in the Rouse precinct and having liquor on the voting premises. 1898: Mazzone’s Hall was packed with local enthusiasts to watch the Presbyterian GUESS society’s five act drama “The Iron Hand”, and proceeds amounted to $60.00. 1903: D.B. Costello, who has purchased the Clifford property at Gardner, opened up for business this week under the title of the Gardner Store, Hotel and Stables. 1909: Mr. Fred Klein has a very fancy new cash register with all the modern improvements that can do anything but wait on customers. 1915: Miss Edith E. Edwards is prepared to give music lessons on reasonable terms at 120 East Third Street. 1920: Fred O. Roof resigned his position as president of the First National Bank and John B. Dick was elected in his stead. 1926: The Jazz Hounds of Pictou are planning another dance which

will probably take place after the holidays. 1931: Approximately one and a half miles of new concrete paving between Greenhorn and Muddy Creek on the Pueblo highway will open to traffic within ten days but cold and snow have delayed work paving work on the other portions. 1937: Downtown Walsenburg will don her holiday attire at seven o’clock tonight when the switch will be thrown to turn on the Christmas lighting overhead on Main Street and on the tree at Sixth and Main. 1943: The Klein Hotel, founded by Henry Klein in 1882 in Walsenburg and still in the family after 61 years, has been sold to George Elstun of Denver. 1949: Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Farthing announce the sale of Farthing Funeral Chapel, 111 East Fifth Street, to Howard L. Burress of Del Norte. 1954: The Unique Shop, 603 Main Street, is having a grand opening for its new gift department today with free roses for the ladies. 1960: Applications for drivers’ licenses are now having color pictures taken to go along with their operator’s permits. 1966: The first 12 boy residents of the new Lathrop Youth Camp arrived recently from the Lookout Mountain School for Boys in Boulder. 1972: Walsenburg’s third major snowstorm hit Monday, dumping about ten inches on the city, which has received 41 inches since the season officially started Sept. 1. 1977: The senior class of John Mall High School named Dennis Perrino and Jeanine Zellar most talented; Scott Davis and Loretta Bellotti biggest flirts; Lawrence Gomez and Geri Ugolini most shy and Jim DeVan and Karen Crosson, most athletic. 1983: Walsenburg received 22 inches of snow this week in several storms. High 57, low 4. 1989: Earning all As at JMHS were Chris Bassi, Jennifer Dimond, Andrea Hix, Yolanda Martinez, Brigette Soltis and Laralee Zgut, all seniors; Lynette Braden and Melinda Hribar, juniors and Tracy Lenzotti, freshman.

La Veta 1881: James A. Maynard, superintendent of the Whale consolidated Gold and Silver Mining Company, will let contracts for a five foot wide, six and a half foot high tunnel from 100 to 1,000 feet long, with housing available at the mine. He expects to run at least a double shift. 1889: Town Board has once again amended the ordinance on Liquor Licenses and it will appear in the La Veta Times when adopted. 1895: The dance on the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving was a thorough success, both financially and socially. Dancing was kept up until three or four in the morning. 1901: There was a special session of the Town Board to consider bids to build the bridge on Virginia Street. They were: William Fey, $174.00, James M. Elrod, $185.00, John M. Hudson, $225.00. The low bid of Mr. Fey was accepted. 1907: A fire on the Vasquez ranch destroyed the chicken house and some other buildings. Mr. Vasquez has already received $206.00 from the insurance company. 1912: A sad correspondence from former resident Mrs. D.H. Arnold advised her two sons were accidentally shot and killed in Kansas. Her husband was shot less than a year ago. 1918: Mrs. Nellie Estes, wife of P.L. Estes, died. She was born in Iowa in 1873 and in 1896 married James Franklin Hayes in La Veta. Surviving are children Frank, Nellie, Madge, Ransom Kennedy Hayes and Edward Proctor Hayes. After her first husband died, she married Mr. Estes last year. 1924: Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Clifford celebrated their Golden Anniversary this week. They became acquainted with the Bassick family in Lowell, Mass., and followed them to Querida, near Silver Cliff, in 1878, coming to La Veta in 1886 to work a mine on Rough Mountain. 1930: Because of the storm, many people had to cancel their Thanksgiving plans. 1936: There will be an old time fiddling and dance contest Saturday, Dec. 12, in Odd Fellows Hall. 1942: A tax levy of 25.6 mills has been set for Huerfano County for next year, a reduction of .03 mills, to raise $228,887.80. 1948: The Parent Teacher Association met with 125 persons in attendance and Mrs. Neva Engberg presiding. Following vocal solos by Carmel Martinez, Myrna Bowdino and Marilyn Richert, the business meeting was called to order. 1954: Mrs. Robert Erwin was honored at a bridal shower with Judy Marker, Marilyn Lammers and Marlene Robinson assisting with the opening of the gifts. 1961: School Board President John V. Geiser presented Z. Howard Moore with an award recognizing his 27 years of driving a school bus without an accident. 1967: Died, Augustus Napoleon “Poli” Erwin, 93, born in La Veta in 1874 to Dr. James Erwin. He was a former farmer and railroad worker who married Fannie Bruce in 1897. He leaves sons Charles Hughes Erwin and James A. Erwin. 1973: Huerfano County Chamber of Commerce will host an open house Friday, Dec. 21, in the new La Veta Lodge on Ryus Avenue. 1979: A 1980 teacher’s salary base of $10,000 was established by La Veta School District Re-2 Board of Education, with a top salary for teachers with a Masters degree set at $16,700. 1985: Rick Taylor will be the new manager of the warming hut at Cuchara Valley Resort. Hours are 7:30 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Bertha Trujillo

  Bertha Trujillo, 97, from Gardner, Colo., entered her eternal home on Feb. 12, 2024. She was born in Gardner, Colo., on Sept. 30, 1926,

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