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This week in history for April 10, 2014

Walsenburg 1873: The county commissioners on April 8 ordered the incorporation of the new town of Walsenburg. 1883: Sam Jacks has purchased the mercantile business of the Fox Brothers at Malachite and Louis De Camp is opening a grocery business in Gardner. 1889: The town election passed off quietly Tuesday. New officials are Mayor Dr. T.F. Martin, Treasurer Adolph Unfug, one year trustees T.L. Creesy, D.E. Farr and J.B. Dick, and two year trustees Dr. T.D. Baird, Alex Levy and John Lowenbruck. 1896: The town election was a warm weinerworst, so to speak. 1902: Our townsman and veteran Joe Crittenden has gotten a $4.00 raise on his $8.00 pension. He is the first cousin of Ex-Governor Crittenden of Missouri who was in office when Jesse James was assassinated. 1908: The Farr Addition next to the town park now has a water system. 1914: Scarlet fever has been taking children in the town and Walsen camp, with John Davis and R.H. Owens each losing at least two each. Another epidemic is raging in Oakview. 1920: Seven men were arrested in Sunnyside camp for gambling. 1926: Work on the new $75,000 gymnasium and auditorium addition to St. Mary School is scheduled to begin this week. 1931: About 2,000 voted in the city election, giving A.J. Merritt the highest number of ballots for mayor with 1192, while Paul Wayt received 711. 1937: Dr. S. Julian Lamme for mayor led the New Deal party to sweep the local offices in the election, the first Democratic government for the City of Walsenburg, and the city manager position is a thing of the past with the loss of the Taxpayers party. 1943: A total of 329 books from Walsenburg and Huerfano County have been sent to the current Victory book campaign for use by servicemen. 1950: Tom Dabney, manager of Frontier Power Company, gave a check for $4,500 to Walsenburg Mayor Joe Mosco Jr. for payment of the first full year of the company’s franchise tax. 1956: Tentative plans were revealed today for a municipal swimming pool on the south side of West Seventh Street in the 700 block. 1963: St. Mary High School underclass students will present the operetta “Mississippi Melody” this Friday with Larry Lenzotti and Norman Maes playing Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. 1969: First Lieutenant David Turner, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Turner, was awarded the Silver Star for gallantry in action in Vietnam and the Purple Heart for wounds incurred there. 1975: M. Edmund Vallejo, 1947 graduate of St. Mary High School and son of Frances Nelson Vallejo of Walsenburg, has fufilled his requirements for Ph.D. from Kansas State University. 1983: For Sale: 500 Colorado, 1,280 square foot, three bedrooms, finished basement, on three lots, fenced with mature trees, $37,500. 1989: 19-month-old Shawn Lessar, son of Randy and Kim Lessar, won the prize for most photogenic in the Kids of America contest in Washington School.

La Veta 1877: One would judge from the interest and excitement shown in April 4’s first town election the issue at stake was a presidential one. All passed off harmoniously, however, and 11:10 that evening the town was awakened by a serenade by the brass band. 1882: The La Veta Cornet Band received their 11 instruments costing $225.00. They have been practicing twice weekly in the school house. 1893: A.H. Edmisten has hired a crew to start work building his new 86 by 60 foot livery stable next to the printing office on Ryus Avenue. 1899: The noon train from the east has been including one or two extra coaches to accommodate men going to the railroad construction camps along Middle Creek. 1905: After the regular school term closes about April 22, Mrs. F.M. Kerr may teach a private intermediate class in the school building during May and June. 1911: Jake Marker says he is entirely over his attack of rheumatism after bathing in and drinking the mineral waters at the Sulphur Springs the past 10 days. 1917: With just one ticket in the field, only 65 votes were cast in the town election. 1924: Notice: All stock found running at large after April 15 will be impounded and the usual penalty enforced. By Order of the Town Board. This is a warning to those people who have let their milk cows pasture on the lawns and shrubbery in town all winter. 1931: Harry Gilbert, genial night operator at the depot, returned home from vacation with a bride, the former Clara Coffey, niece of Mrs. T.C. Murdock and a familiar face in this place. 1937: William and Levy Kincaid bought out the other heirs and are now sole owners of their late father’s ranch and cattle. 1946: The April Fool’s windstorm was no joke. It blew down Bertha Boyd’s barn at Francisco and Main streets, collapsed Albert Campbell’s shed at Main and Francisco and knocked several mature trees down. 1952: The new stage curtain for the high school auditorium will be hung Monday to replace the one damaged by fire. 1959: The Huerfano County Historical Society this week honors pioneer Bertha Boyd, who came to La Veta about 1892. She married J.W. “Will” Boyd in 1899 and he was the first forest ranger here, but resigned and until his death in 1928 they operated the service station she still runs. She had the auto mail route to Oakview and Ojo, ran the boardinghouse, and owns the old Joe K. Kincaid ranch on the Wahatoya. 1967: Francisco Fort Museum will open with some changes including a saloon in the former Crouse building where there is also a reading room. 1974: Freshmen on the honor roll were Donetta Smith, Dianne Duzenack, Daniel Harrington, Tammy Kreutzer and Paula Pene. 1981: At the annual FFA banquet the Star Greenhorn award to an outstanding high school freshman went to Tom Murphy. The Star Chapter Farmers were Dave Andreatta and Troy Mayfield.