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The Sunbear Cafe Aguilar’s little culinary gem

by Mary Jo Tesitor
AGUILAR — If you are looking for a destination restaurant for your weekend drive this spring, look no further down the interstate than the little town of Aguilar and the Sun Bear Café.
The brainchild of business partners Curtis and Lisa Robertson, the Sun Bear opened in December in the iconic rock house just east of Ringo’s market.  The duo came to southern Colorado to work in the cannabis industry, but when they found a “turn-key” café in picturesque Aguilar, it was the perfect opportunity to bring their long-time collective vision to reality.

Denmark, Sweden, and the Apishapa

Curtis had graduated from culinary school, while Lisa was adept at counter work and had worked as a prep cook. Serendipity struck when artisan baker Cae Saxon joined the team.  Homeschooled just up the Apishapa, Cae had traveled all over Europe as a missionary and had learned the art of baking in Denmark and Sweden.
The product of their vision is a little hometown diner where you can find grass fed beef and cage free eggs;  gluten free, low-carb, non-GMO, organic, and vegetarian offerings; naturally started sourdough and artisan breads, hand tossed pizzas made to order in their 700^ dual convection oven, and a daily array of scones, muffins, cinnamon rolls, and pastries.

Home-made locavore eats

This is not sissy food.  It’s hearty, healthy, home-made locavore eats at hometown prices.
One of the specialties of the Sun Bear is the “home on the range” burger, a beastly blend of bison, antelope, venison, elk, and boar.  They also feature the famous Carolina “reaper pepper” to take your dining experience from spicy to double-spicy.  To cool you off, they are the only restaurant in Colorado to carry Jones Soda on tap, or you can choose a shaved ice or one of their 15 Da Vinci coffee flavorings, iced or hot.
Open from 6:30 am to 3 pm, Wednesday through Sunday, the Sun Bear is at 217 E. Main in Aguilar.  Take I-25 to exit 34. It’s only two miles into Aguilar. If you visit once, you’ll be hooked on great food in the Gateway to the Apishipa Valley.