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the H files- bigfoot in Huerfano County

by Jaye Sudar

HUERFANO– Huerfano County is home to many odd creatures- from ranchers, hippies, transplanted Texans and Sasquatch.  The Bigfoot Field Research Organization keeps an active Internet database of sightings.  To date, there have been two sightings on Mt. Blanca, held sacred by many Native American tribes.  There are many legends of Sasquatch like creatures linked to Mt. Blanca. Biologists have compared the micro climate of Mt. Blanca and the Blanca basin to that of the Pacific Northwest, an area rife with Sasquatch sightings.

    Local Sasquatch enthusiast, William Hudson, has had reports of weird noises and calls happening up above Redwing, Colorado, which is a few miles south of the Blanca Basin.

    In 1940, an Indian guide dissuaded a hiker from going up Mt. Blanca because it was the home of Sasquatch.  The hiker told his story to his son after the Patterson film about Bigfoot came out.

    In the spring of 1994, while camping in the Blanca Basin, a wildlife biologist and friend observed a huge man-like form with furry limbs moving between the trees.  The creature was light grey in color, over 6 feet tall and moved silently.  They were less than 60 yards away from the creature.

    In the summer of 2000, a family were four-wheeling on the Como Lake road near timberline when a young man and his uncle saw what they thought was a burnt tree stump. As they approached, the stump began to move.  They watched it cross the meadow ahead of them and followed it. They described it as being light to medium brown with long shaggy hair, and nearly 7 feet tall.  A footprint was found, but there was no means of preserving a copy.

    In the summer of 1998, on the southern flanks of Greenhorn Mountain, a father and son spotted a hairy figure standing by some rocks just a short distance from Blue Lakes.  They first noticed its eyes gleaming in the headlights of the car. The next morning they went back to look for tracks.  While they found disturbed ground, there were no clear prints. The rock they had seen it by gave them proof that the creature was at least 7 feet tall.

    In 1982, some young men driving to Denver were on I-25, approximately 100 miles south of Colorado Springs when they observed a white furred figure with a black face standing on the side of the road.  One young man thought it simply the result of being too tired, while the other thought he′d seen a polar bear.  A few moments later, they compared what they had seen and realized that it had been a Sasquatch.

    The Huerfano sightings and many others including from Costilla, Las Animas and Custer counties can be found on the BFRO site.  Start with, and explore from there.