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Tes’ Drive In burns

WALSENBURG-  Tes′ Drive in, an iconic landmark eatery in Walsenburg, caught fire early Thursday morning, May 8,which left the interior gutted.  The Walsenburg Fire Department responded to a fire call shortly after 7am and found the kitchen in flames.  Six of the City′s fire trucks and 11 firefighters rolled out, and the Gardner Fire Department Supplied four additional firefighters..  By 9:15 am, the fire was out, leaving the interior charred and the shell of the restaurant still standing. 

    The cause of the blaze has yet to be determined, but a probable cause is the temperature dial on the deep fryer, which owner Ann Morelli said had become stuck.

   The fire was intense at times, with several explosions rocking the building.  At one point, Fire Chief Gerald Jerant  said he heard an explosion, and saw a fire ball burst out of a door, followed by two firefighters, who were engulfed in fire.  "They dropped and rolled, got the flames out, and went back to work.  Thank goodness they had the proper gear on," Jerant said.