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Terrorism in Aguilar

AGUILAR- An "act of terrorism" was committed on  an internet service provider (ISP) building and has halted the installation of wireless internet access for the town of Aguilar.  Service would have been turned on Saturday Mar. 1, had this attack not occurred.  According to new Department of Homeland Security laws, any attack on an ISP is considered an act of terrorism, and will be investigated by the FBI.

    Walsenburg-based Raton Basin Technology, discovered Friday Feb 29 that its ISP facility serving the town of Aguilar had been vandalized.  The eight by ten foot building and accompanying tower is located at the top of the water tower hill in the town of Aguilar, and had its window shot out, the door kicked in and the building entered.  The facility has a locked gate at the bottom of the only access road.  It was not a casual, drive by shooting; Jaye Sudar, of Raton Basin said, "They would have had to climb over the gate, and walk a half mile to the top, or pick the lock to get access. There had to be intent." 

    The incident was reported to the Aguilar police. It must also be reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation because, according to USAPA II (Patriot Act) sections 121, 122 and 125 and USC 2332b(g)(5)(b),  attacks on ISP installations are directly linked to the information infrastructure of the nation.

    The call to the FBI went in Saturday night.  It should be an interesting case to investigate , as one of the individuals involved helpfully left a perfect impression of his or her size 9 skater shoe on the door.  

    The Aguilar police have since arrested four juvenile suspects in this case.  Whether they will be sent off to Guantanamo Bay  remains to be seen.