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Step up for Yourself, Step up for America

by Darrell Arnold

    There are those in America who want each and every one of you to go on the public dole.  They want government to take care of your insurance; they want government to take care of your home loans; they want government to control the curriculum in your schools and the education of your children; they want to control your medical care; they want to control where you get your news and information.

    Those people are the ones who want you to let your government take care of you.  They do not want to see you stand on your own two feet and take your future in your own hands.  They do want to take some of the money you work so hard to earn and give it to those who won’t work for their own money.  Those people want everyone to be equal.  They want to punish achievers by taxing them and giving their money to the non-achievers.

    Those are the people who want to strip you of your independence and make you and your family and all Americans dependent on government.  They want to take power away from the people and give it to government, government they are always striving to control.  It’s all about power; none for you, all for them.

    Why would Americans want to embrace these ideas?  Whatever happened to going out and earning your own money and living within the means of your income?  That’s the old-fashioned American way, the way Americans behaved when they built this great nation.  It was just common sense to limit debt to a minimum and purchase only those things you could  actually afford.

    The men and women who built America were people who knew how to make things happen.  They went out and collected or produced their own food, they built their own homes, they made their own clothing.  They stood up, saw what needed to be done and went out and did it.   Those ancestral pioneers did not depend on government to take care of them.   They knew they had to do it for themselves or they¹d die.  They provided for their own lives.

    You will get a lot farther if you take charge of your own life.  If you wait for government to take care of you, you may survive, but you will never thrive.

    How can you assure that your life and the future of your nation will have a positive outcome?  To begin with, step up for yourself. When you succeed, those around you will indirectly reap the benefits of your strength, passion, and effort.

    You can’t wait for life to happen to you.  You have to make life happen for you.  Make it be the life you want it to be.  Sure you¹ll get knocked down from time to time.  So what?  It happens to everyone.  Get back up and get back to work.  Make something happen.

    In America, we are free to fail as many times as we have to until we finally succeed.  We never have to give up or quit trying.  Americans love success.  Americans love winners.  You can contribute to that by never giving up, by succeeding, by winning yourself.

    A good American-dream life will come to you if you get up off your duff and go out and make it happen.  Work is everywhere. Any able-bodied person can find work.  It may not be what you want to be doing at the moment, but it will sustain you until you take that next step up. It¹s all up to you.

    If the system knocks you down, fight back. Don¹t let the system turn you into a victim.  Let the American economic system make you a winner.  It’s all up to you and your attitude.  Of course it would be the easy way to let someone else do it for you. But it’s the traditional American way to step up and do it for yourself. 

    Opportunity abounds in America, far and away the greatest country in the world ­ economically, militarily, industrially, creatively, and morally. Opportunity in America outshines opportunity anywhere else in the world.  It¹s all right there for you to grab.  Go grab it.

    Step up and be responsible for your own life. Why give up your freedom to a government that wants to take it from you?  Why would you ever want the responsibility of your life to be in the hands of bureaucrats and government politicians?

    Along the way to improving your own life, take time, whenever possible, to help improve that of your family, friends, community, town, state, nation, and world.  Step up for all of the above.  Help your family, help your friends, volunteer to serve in your community organizations and local government. And, if you haven¹t done it already, volunteer to serve in your country’s armed forces.

    Without America, you would not have all that you have.  You could never have what you have without the opportunities America has presented. You owe your country some service of some kind in order to keep those opportunities alive for others and for future generations.

    Step up for yourself. Step up for America.