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Starry Skies

By Jaye Sudar

    June 18th saw a full moon in Sagittarius at 11:30 pm, making this a time of travel and discovery.  It might mean a vacation or browsing through books on far away places, or exploring the world via the latest National Geographic special.  This is a time of optimism and joy.  Now is a good time to pull weeds in your garden, or do a little fishing.

    The Summer Solstice,  that magical day where we celebrate the height of Summer, is today, June 19 at 5:59 pm. The flip side is that from now on, the days grow shorter as Summer wanes into Autumn.

    Just prior to that, at 6:28 am, Mercury’s orbit goes from retrograde to direct.  Since Mercury is the embodiment of communications, if you′ve felt tongue tied or everything has gone wonky with your computer for the last few weeks, blame it on Mercury!  In just a few days it will be safe to sign contracts and start new contracts again. To learn more, check out Mercury at