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Starry Skies for October 9, 2008

By Jaye Sudar

    October 14 marks a full moon in Aries, the child, representing new beginnings.  This moon marks a time of adventure, exploration and enjoyment.  After a month of examining where you are in relationship to the world and life in general, it is a good time to take a deep breath and enjoy the crisp Autumnal air.  Take a new look at your world and surroundings. Now is the time for harvesting those pumpkins, viewing the aspens and sneaking in that last hike or fishing trip before the snows.

    Mercury goes direct on Oct. 15, and the combination of a full moon and this cosmic event may well leave you in a spin.  If life has been a whirlwind, look where you landed and see what has changed for the better in your life.  Only three months and two days till the next retrograde!

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