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Starry Skies for October 23, 2008

By Jaye Sudar

    October 28th brings a new moon in Scorpio.  Scorpio rules death and rebirth. This is a time to clean out your physical as well as your emotional closet and start fresh.  The ancient Celts celebrated Samhain (Sow-en) as the new year. The harvest of animals and crops came to an end marking the death of the old agricultural year and the beginning of the new one.  We still celebrate this time of the dead as Halloween.

    Use this new moon so close to Halloween to delve into those worries that haunt you late at night and turn your insights into positive action.  Take a new look at the past year and see where you want to improve your life.  New moons are about new beginnings.  See where you can improve your life and dump what you are tired of off at the graveyard!