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Starry Skies for May 21, 2009

By Jaye Sudar

    May 24th sees in a New Moon in Gemini.  The twins are all about communicating and information.  New moons are for new beginnings from bedding plants to novels or trying that new exercise routine.  Listen to your heart as well as your best friend.  Set your goals high.  Take a chance and try something new.

    Life is full of F.U.D.′s (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt)  Now is the time to stuff them in the trash can.  This new moon is a chance to change your life.  Do something with your wishes or desires.  Communicate to others or listen yourself and see what can be done.  That iconic poster of Rosie the Riveter saying “Yes, We Can!” is the attitude to embrace at the new moon.  Write a novel, work on the family genealogy, take that new fishing rod out.  Take that energy and run with it!