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Starry Skies for July 31, 2008

by Jaye Sudar

    August 1st will be an explosive day, with a new moon in Leo in concert with a total Solar Eclipse at 4:21 am, MDT. For information go to:

It is Colorado Day and Lammas, the Celtic harvest festival.  It also means that school is just around the corner.  It is a time of calm and centering before the busy Autumn season.

    This new moon highlights our inner selves, the ego and self esteem. Leo represents the actor, teacher or leader in ourselves. For Leo, all the world is a stage, and performance is rewarded by recognition.  This is a time to bring out the best in ourselves and others. For artists this is a wonderful time to start a new project. The creative juices flowing will benefit us all with a wash of ideas and projects that will bubble forth.

    As with most new moons it is also a time to nurture relationships. Let Leo purr into your life. Nurture your garden and yourself as well as those around you during this dynamic new moon.

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