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Starry Skies for July 16, 2009

Starry Skies

By Jaye Sudar

     If a new moon in Cancer sounds familiar, it is.  This year sees a second new moon in Cancer darken our skies on July 21.  The message of new moons is new beginnings.  Cancer is about love, compassion, and understanding.  This is a second chance to take our hearts in our hands and be aware of all the joy in our world.  While the leaders of the world talk about ending suffering, it has to start somewhere.  Let it start at home, in your own heart.

    Take time to greet your neighbor.  She might have stories to tell that need to be heard.  Donate money to a charity, or a bag of food to a shelter.  Ask your mom, or aunty if they′d like to go shopping.  Participate in random acts of kindness. Smile.  It is a gift that costs nothing and gives so much.

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