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Starry Skies for August 14, 2008

by Jaye Sudar

    An Aquarian full moon on August 16th at 1:16 pm is all about commitment.  Realize that we are part of a greater community, and that each of us can make a difference. Get involved with your community.  Have a bake sale and raise fund for a favorite cause.  Clean out that garage, and take the stuff to your local charity shop.  Make the most of a trip to the library or local museum.

    It′s a time for political as well as spiritual activity.  Get involved, help others learn about key issues in your community.  Take a step into that part of American life.  The knowledge gained politically may well spill over into the spiritual.  This Aquarius moon in Leo is a time of enlightenment.  A moment when you look at the world and have one of those "aha!" moments that carries you through the rest of the year.

    This full moon with a partial eclipse is good for the anglers in the family.  Take a fishing trip before school starts.  Gardeners, pull those weeds and give your garden a brief respite before it′s time to harvest the last squash and pumpkins.

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