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Special meeting set on RPS tariff

 RATON, NM — Raton Public Service will have to wait a bit longer for the Raton City Commission’s approval on their net metering tariff amendment and the Proration Agreement with Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company. Commissioners tabled the resolutions until a special session is held September 15. General Manager Dan Dible explained RPS is a small company and there are a couple of big solar users that are costing RPS money by the amount of electricity their solar systems are producing. The amendment to the metering tariff is an attempt to put a cap on the amount of electricity that RPS will purchase from the solar providers. Users who already have a solar system will be grandfathered in but new users will be subject to this tariff amendment making it less attractive to purchase solar for their house. RPS is recommending a 10kw a year or about 833 watts per month cap, which Dible said, was above what most household consumers use monthly. This tariff change is a result of declining revenues due to declining population. The resolution, subject to action at the special session later this month, involves hiring an attorney and adopting a proration agreement with the Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company as they pursue subrogation proceedings against Wartsila. This agreement will not cost the city any money and is in support of Hartford Steam Boiler. If Hartford is successful in getting Wartsila to pay for damages, anything over the $6.25 million will be split with the city after attorney fees are paid. The special city commission meeting will be at 5 pm Sept. 15 in commission chambers.