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Shooting incident at 5th and Main St in Walsenburg

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE- The incident that occurred Thursday morning at 5th and Main in Walsenburg began in Alamosa, when a 14-year-old stole a vehicle, and led the Colorado State Patrol in a 100 mile-an-hour chase over La Veta pass. By the time the juvenile reached downtown Walsenburg, two Sheriff’s Officers- Ray Walsh and Hank Martin- were waiting for him, with the intersection boxed off with their vehicles. The juvenile proceeded to ram one patrol car, whereupon officer Martin shot out the vehicle’s two right-side tires. Undeterred, the youth attempted to ram officer Walsh, who leapt out of the way, and shot the youth through the driver’s side window. The juvenile was transported to SPRHC in serious condition.

A rebel cause

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