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Sheriff still hands out halloween bags

HUERFANO- The 2009  Sheriff Department ‘s Halloween Fund Drive was a mixed success this year.  The department collected from 50 local merchants with a total of $951 collected, usually at a modest rate of$10 or $20 per merchant.  This amount added to the $225 left over from the 2008 fund, gave us a total of $1,176, which was spent by purchasing $600 of candy from Sam’s Club and $430 for the shipment of 750 Halloween bags, with the remainder carried forward to next year’s drive.

    The Department was scheduled to distribute the 675 bags of candy to all the grade school, kindergarten and head start students in Walsenburg, La Veta and Gardner on Oct. 29, the last day of school before Halloween.  All the area schools were cancelled due to snow, and the bags were taken to the schools for distribution to the students after Halloween. 

    The area merchants make the drive possible by contributing funds and deserve to be recognized for their support of the schools.  The following merchants contributed to this year’s fund over and above the requested amount: Acorn Travel Plaza, Daniel’s Towing and Service, Hollowpoint Sporting Goods, Silver Dollar Bar, Rosa’s Cantina Bar and Huerfano County Concrete.  The following businesses supported the drive with the traditional $10 to $20 contribution:  Walsenburg Sand & Gravel, George’s Restaurant, Pizza Hut, Alpha Motel, The Quack Shack, Uptown Liquor, Loaf & Jug, Colorado Farm Bureau, Two Rivers Water, Ludvik’s Propane, Armida’s Boutique, Alpine Rose Cafe, Boies-Ortega Funeral Home, Carl’s Jr. Restaurant, Anchor Motel, Corine’s Restaurant, Rambler 66 Towing, The Main Event, Dr. Solomon Villalon M.D., Kay’s Liquor, The Pawn Shop, Weber Water, Walsenburg Lumber, C&C Cigarette Store, Blue Rooster Bar-Walsenburg, Blue Rooster Bar-LeVeta, Prism Auto Body, Star Drugs, Birco RV & Service, Adkin’s Garage, Daddy’s Pride Towing, Best Western Motel, Walsenburg Mini-Storage, Bear Mt. Mercantile, Final Step Flooring, St. Mary’s Credit Union, Main St. Office Supply, Napa Auto Parts, City Auto Parts, Dr. Neece’s Family Clinic, J&M Tire, The Trading Post, .38 Special Liquor, and Safeway #3727 contributed candy for the bags.

Trustee resigns position

Town now accepting letters of interest for vacancy by E.E.Mullens LA VETA — Citing an upcoming medical procedure and the subsequent recuperation period, La Veta

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