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Sheriff investigating new scam

Huerfano County Sheriff’s Office
and HWJ staff
WALSENBURG — The Huerfano County Sheriff’s Office has announced they are investigating an email scam that has been reported in the county.
Investigators Sgt. Craig Lessar and Deputy Corey Daniels say potential victims receive an email from “UPS169” or “USPS Service” that says, “Unfortunately we failed to deliver the postal package you have sent on (date) in time, because the recipient’s address is erroneous. Please go to the nearest UPS office and show your shipping label” at the bottom of the email it says, “If the Parcel isn’t received within 30 working days our company will have the right to claim compensation from you for each day of keeping.”
At this point, say investigators, the email shows a button that says “Print Shipping Label”. If a person clicks on this button it exposes your computer to damaging viruses and allows your personal information and financial accounts to possibly be accessed by the criminals.
“It is best if you receive this email or something similar to simply delete it,” said Lessar.
“Remember tis the season for scams and identity theft so be sure to take extra precautions this holiday season and if you find something in your mail, a phone call, or email that just doesn’t seem right, feel free to call the sheriff’s office and report it,” he said.