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Scenic Highway flush with funds

by Larry Patrick

WALSENBURG- The Scenic Highway of Legends (SHOL) began their meeting last week concerned about their future.  By the time the meeting was over  at Lathrop State Park, they had nine new board members and a positive outlook for 2008.  President Paula Manini and Mike Moore both expressed concern over declining membership while at the same time, having a $48,000 grant available to help the organization.  A $12,000 matching of the grant is necessary but SHOL already has $9,000 with $3,000 promised to meet the goal.  Sally Pearce told the group by conference call that the organization can sign the papers in early 2008 and protect the grant as it reorganizes.

    Since much of the discussion centered on the amount of duplication that many county organizations were involved in, suggestions were taken on how to better coordinate efforts from the various entities to save everyone time and money.  Larry Patrick suggested to the board that they contact the city councils, county commissioners and chambers of commerce of the Huerfano and Las Animas counties to get one of their members or designate someone to also sit on this board and assist in efforts to combine instead of duplicating certain efforts. Moore suggested running some of the meetings over the internet to keep people informed and get votes on needed issues while saving people the time of meeting in person every month.  Many were open to that idea although another meeting is set in-person for Jan. 10th at Lathrop State Park to better organize the various ideas given.

    Agreeing to serve on the new board of the Scenic Highway of Legends were Mike Moore, Carolyn Newman, Margaret Gleisberg, Scott Harris, Kim Pacheco, Patrick Staley, Ben Ree, Debra Malone and Karen Rhoads.