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Ruybalid fires staff

by Brian Orr

WALSENBURG- Newly elected District Attorney Frank Ruybalid is starting off the new year by cleaning house; he let go all of the office staff for the Huerfano branch of the District Attorney’s office.

    Those affected are Dee Pacheco, Linda Sumner and Julie Fairman.  Pacheco’s position as investigator has been eliminated due to budget constraints, and Administrative Assistant Sumner will be replaced by Shauna Vucetich.  The third position of victims’ advocate has yet to be filled.  Ruybalid has also hired a Deputy District Attorney; Mark Adams (see related story.)

    Ruybalid said he eliminated the investigator position because of budget issues, noting he would like to take part of the freed-up salary and use it to bump up other salaries, so those positions are more competititive.  “There is a need for an investigator,” Ruybalid said, “But it’s a necessity we’ll have to do without.”