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Rural residents want road maintained

by Larry Patrick

WALSENBURG-     Muddy roads create lots of problems for people this time of year. The Huerfano County Commissioners often get asked for help. Clint Boehler said there are six full time families that live on County Road 521.2, and that it is impassable 80% of the time.

    Commissioner Scott King said there is only $11,000 in the budget to maintain county roads. The road in question is on the county map but was put in by a developer.  The County does not claim it or maintain it.  Boehler felt that residents there are in jeopardy because fire trucks and ambulances would be unable to get to them. Commissioner Art Bobian said that people move into those type of areas at their own risk and choosing.  Boehler said these are taxpayers that deserve services and said he would go on to Plan B which appeared to the Commissioners to be a threat of legal action and ended their discussion.

   A meeting last week between the Commissioners and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) put issues on the table about the proposed wind farm project near the airport.  An application will be made to the FAA by Todd Potts and Larry Mapes, owners of land adjacent to the airport, to see what recommendations the FAA would make regarding putting up wind towers in close proximity to the runways.  Potts and Mapes have suggested to the Commissioners that there may be more tax revenue involved with the wind farm to make closing the airport feasible.  Hopes are that the two entities can co-exist to make it a win-win situation.

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