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Rural Living- buying locally

by Carol Dunn

HUERFANO- For those of you who indicated your interest in buying locally, we thank you.  Unfortunately, we had very little response from the producer community.  There are buyers out there, but not many sellers.

    With the variety of local meat and vegetable products in Huerfano County, there must be a way to interest more buyers and sellers.  The entire Huerfano community could benefit.

    So we will try again in a few months to determine interest in locally raised meat products.  For summer vegetables and fruits, we’ll keep the contact information for those who were interested this year.  And we’ll do another “call for interest” around May.  Perhaps someone will even come forward to organize a farmer’s market next summer.

    If you are a local producer who would like to sell locally, or if you are a local consumer who would like to buy locally, please be thinking about what part you could play in the effort to bring local consumers and producers together to do business.  Contact: (719) 742-3597