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Road complaints continue

by Larry Patrick

WALSENBURG- People living in rural areas of Huerfano County are experiencing many problems with roads this spring.  Huerfano County Commissioner Scott King says it has been an unusually wet spring causing deep ruts on unpaved roads throughout the County.  Frank Maggio, who runs a business on County Road 421, asked the Commissioners on Wednesday if they have any legal responsibility to help keep roads safe.   King responded that the County only has money allocated from Highway Fund Monies that do not generate much.  They can’t use money from the general fund for road repairs. Maggio says his road has deteriorated so badly that it is dangerous. One person was killed on the road in the past year. King says there is nothing you can do about mud. Commissioner Art Bobian said the County needs a gravel pit in that area of the County to help maintain roads.  King told Maggio that they will try to get blading of the road done but they can’t gravel it.

    In other news, according to the Department of Local Affairs (DOLA), Huerfano County has seen its county population in 2009 decrease to under 7,000 people.  That is a drop from 7,862 in the 2008 figures.  DOLA derives their figures by using the 2000 Census base then adds annual data on births, deaths, domestic migration figures during each year.   County Administrator John Galusha says the lower figures will affect monies the County receives from the Conservation Trust fund.