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Redskins ‘Skin’ Cats at Baseball

 WALSENBURG-  The La Veta Redskins visited Walsenburg last Saturday for some baseball action and walked away with a 15-3 victory.  From the opening pitch, the Panthers lost ground, falling behind 4-0 after one.  That was all the Skins needed.  Pitcher Jonathan Aguirre pitched three innings before Charlie Whitehead relieved him only to give up 7 runs in the forth.  The Cats made eight errors in the game which helped lead to this lop-sided end score.

     According to Panther Coach Tobias DeHerrera, "We came out a little slow.  The Panthers left batters on board bases in the first and second inning and were unable to bring them home. "La Veta played a good game and the Panthers players will only get better with more at bats at the plate,” he continued.