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Redskins hold number 1 in their division

by Melissa Ray
LA VETA — The La Veta Redskins remain undefeated in league play this season. Even in non-league play they have proven to be an aggressive foe.
After traveling to Sargent on Thursday, the boys were beaten by only 13 points, 48-35, in a very competitive game. Recapping Thursday’s game, Coach Wade Kreutzer said, “Sargent was a really good game for us because they are a really tough team. They went to state last year in 2A. We needed some competitive teams to play towards the end of our season.” The top scorer of the game was Jonathon Sanchez with nine points and top rebounder was Blake Warren with ten rebounds.
Saturday’s league game against Creede was pretty much a blow out with an ending score of 68-40, La Veta. Kyon Kreutzer had a very impressive game, making 100% of his shots. He was the top scorer of the game with 24 points. He was also top rebounder with ten rebounds.
The first quarter left fans wondering if the Miners had come to play ball at all. Virtually every Redskin player on the floor added points to the board. Kreutzer had two beautiful “nothing but net” three-point shots in the mix. The Miners managed to eek out a two-point shot. The score was 18-2 and the game wasn’t even getting started.
The Miners woke up in the second quarter and began to play some ball. They were able to add several two-point shots and a three-point shot to the scoreboard. Kreutzer continued to add three-point shots to his count. To mix things up a bit, a Creede player tried to run off with a Redskin cheerleader. However, the mats against the wall headed him off and no one was injured. This quarter saw some pretty rough play. The scoreboard reflected a score of 38-15 heading into half time.
Coming back from half time, the Redskins outscored the Miners by a margin of 2 to 1. Blake Warren received a technical foul for hanging off the rim after a shot. Creede failed to capitalize on the opportunity when they missed both shots. The quarter ended 58-25.
During the fourth quarter, Zac Brunelli added his own “nothing but net” three-point shot to the tally before La Veta’s junior varsity players were sent in to finish out the game. The Miners were able to add 15 points to the scoreboard. However, the young warriors on the Redskin team did a pretty good job of holding down the fort by adding five of the ten points scored during the quarter. La Veta took this game, 68-40.
Coach Kreutzer commented,“Creede was a league game. They are really hard to play because they are not fundamentally good and the kids start doing bad habits. We kinda got in foul trouble but the kids played hard and brought the same intensity that they had at Sargent.”
La Veta’s division record is 9-0. They meet up with Sangre de Cristo tonight for a non-league competition. Junior varsity girls begin at 4 pm. Tomorrow they head to Cotopaxi for their last league game of the season with JV beginning at 3 pm.