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RE-2 teacher Sharon Vezzani to retire

by Shane Clouse
LA VETA — Sharon Vezzani took the opportunity at the February 25th meeting of the La Veta Board of Education (LVBOE) to announce her intended retirement at the end of the school year. She has been an educator for nearly forty years, with fifteen of them here at the La Veta School District.
Commenting that she had thought about retirement for quite some time, Vezzani stated she made the difficult decision recently while her husband, Huerfano County Commissioner Max Vezzani, has been recovering his health after a fall on the ice which resulted in a head injury.
Vezzani went on to say she plans to stay involved with the school by substituting and volunteering. After discussing how many children of board members had been in her classroom, the LVBOE accepted her resignation with great regret and best wishes.
The LVBOE then heard information on several items from the Colorado Department of Education (CDE). The CDE sent information on strategic priorities, supporting school readiness, the READ act, and SB13-023.
The strategic priorities report updated the LVBOE on policy development through the state level including educator effectiveness, standards, assessments, accountability, organizational effectiveness, and more.
A menu of school readiness assessments is set to be implemented in the 2013-14 school years. The Colorado State Board of Education defines school readiness as both the preparedness of a child to engage in and benefit from learning experiences and the ability of a school to meet the needs of all students enrolled in publically funded schools.
The Colorado Read Act (H.B. 12-1238) spells out the requirements for K-3 grade literacy for school districts. The school district must submit reports on students who have a definite reading deficiency, encourage parental involvement, and do improvement planning and implementation.
S.B. 13-023 is a proposed increase to damages which could be awarded in a court under the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act should a public entity or person be sued. As the law stands now, a claimant may receive up to $150,000. With the new law, the limit would rise to $478,000 for any one person and $990,000 for any two or more with an adjustment every four years for inflation. One effect this might have on a school district is that the district would be required to carry higher insurance premiums.
In other news, the LVBOE heard updates from the strategic planning committee. Final reports will be in by March 5, and a public meeting will be held March 11 at the La Veta Community Center starting at 5:40 pm.
The district has received the final audit for the year of 2012. Superintendent Bree Lessar stated that there would be no surprises. This report is available to the public either through the schools website ( or at the school office.

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