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RE-2 calls a special meeting.

by Shane Clouse
LA VETA- On Monday, August 29, the board of education for La Veta RE-2 called a special meeting to discuss the upcoming elections. Jim Moore, the election official, provided the board members with literature on a couple of issues. The meeting was short and direct.
Since there are only enough candidates to fill the positions on the board, there is an issue of write-in candidates. Part 12 of the Presidential Primary Elections, section 1-4-1102 (2)states: “In a nonpartisan election, the affidavit of intent shall be filed by the close of business on the sixty-fourth day before the election.” That day was August 29.
Part 3, of the same literature, section 1-5-208 (1.5) deals with cancellation of elections. It states, “If the only matter before the electors in a non-partisan election is the election of persons to office and if, at the close of business on the sixty-third day before the election, there are not more candidates than offices to be filled at the election, including candidates filing affidavits of intent, the designated election official, if instructed by resolution of the governing body, shall cancel the election and declare the candidates elected.”
The board then voted on and passed Resolution No. 2 “cancellation of school board elections.” In Resolution No. 2, it states that only two individuals have filed petitions to fill the two open offices. The candidates are Dianne Lathrop Law and Kenneth Schneider. The resolution further resolves that the election official shall notify the county clerk and recorder so that election expenses to date can be pro-rated accordingly.
This special meeting was intended to save the taxpayers’ money, and the next scheduled meeting is on September 12.

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