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Re-1’s Old Field to be sold

By Amanda Martin

GARDNER- The Re-1 school board met Tuesday night at the Gardner School with much on the agenda to discuss.  It was also an open house for the public to see the school and meet the staff.

    One subject that arose was in regard to plans for the existing football field after the new sports facility is completed.  The board had discussed keeping the field as a practice field.  Upon speaking with some of the coaches, it was agreed that it would be more convenient to practice in the new field as well.  The board considered donating or leasing the old field, but ultimately felt the best plan was to sell the field.

    The Spanish Peaks Childcare Center, currently located at the Washington School building,  will move within the next month to the 7th Street administration building.  The board would be interested in a buy or sell lease agreement with the daycare.

    Another topic covered was what to do with the furniture currently at the Washington school.  The general consensus was to take what could be used within the district and sell the remaining furniture to other school districts.

    The principals were very positive in their reports.  All three principals’ reports stated that the students and staff were working well together and that the spirits were high.  The homecoming pep rally and week went very well, with very enthusiastic student participation.  They also noted that the Celtic music festival school programs were a great success.  Students and staff had a great time.

    The district’s transition program, which was developed to help students and teachers work together to improve academic achievement, has also been proving a success.  They are seeing improvement in the student’s grades and are seeing a positive participation from the teaching staff. 

    Peakview is raising money through the Box Tops for Education program.  The funds raised will be used for the school.

    In other news 7th graders should have lockers after the Thanksgiving break and 8th graders will get theirs soon thereafter.  They were happy to note that school enrollment is up slightly this year.  The district is exploring the option of full day Kindergarten classes next year saying that there is a possibility of receiving increased funding.

    The next meeting will be October 2nd in Walsenburg.