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Re-1’s Gaye Davis resigns

by Jaye Sudar
WALSENBURG- During the RE-1 School Board meeting’s final agenda item, Correspondence, Gaye Davis gave her letter of resignation to the board. In accordance to her contract, it could be terminated “upon either party giving the other party 10 calendar days written notice.” Gaye’s contract with the district ends on June 30, 2011, and she had not received notice from the district as to whether or not it would be renewed. The board was shocked and Erin Jerant asked “if this was set in stone as Gaye wouldn’t be there for the completion of the Sports Complex or the ADA work on the high school.” Gaye stated her decision was set in stone. She had fulfilled a promise made to Glenn Davis, former Superintendent, to stay with the district until Peakview and the sports complex were finished. The Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) grant that the board formally accepted earlier in the meeting completed that requirement. Gaye stated that her nine years with the district had been “invaluable and memorable” and that she was proud of her accomplishments for the district. As a grant writer, Gaye has brought millions of dollars into RE-1.
Also discussed was the refinancing of the district bonds discussed at the workshop last week. One option provides an annual savings and the other provides a lump sum savings at the end of 2022. The board voted for the first option which provides $167,000 in savings for the taxpayers over the next eleven years.
The board approved the 2011-2012 budget. This austere budget left no room for school books, with more cuts needed. The board then approved usage of part of the beginning fund balance to fund the district. This move may cause shortfalls later in the year. The board then discussed hiring Jeanne Wilkins for a 140 day post retirement contract. Discussions were terse and the motion to hire Wilkins nearly died for lack of a second. The vote was not unanimous, but Wilkins was hired. The district will now need to make more budget cuts to accommodate her $50,000+ salary.
The board approved the District Accreditation Contract with CDE, the Consolidated Grant Application for 2012, and presented a gift to Manuel Lujan for service to the district. They approved an Enhancement Application to CDOT which will work with the Safe Routes to Schools Grant to improve the traffic routes around the schools. Along with this grant, David and Mary Jo Tesitor have donated twelve trees worth $1200 to the district.
In other business, the board approved an intergovernmental agreement to participate in the November elections, approved seven board policies, set a tentative date of May 25th for JMHS graduation, and a contract to seal Peakview’s parking lot. The board hired Jolene Nation-Newman as a teacher, accepted Rhonda Kelly’s resignation and approved Pamela Sauer as a volunteer for Gardner School. The July 26th board meeting was changed to July 20th.