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RE-1 principals contracts renewed

by Kathy Doolittle
WALSENBURG — Huerfano School District Re-1 regular board meeting took place on April 24, 2012. After routine business was conducted, the board went into an executive session for discussion regarding renewal of the John Mall High School and Peakview principals’ contracts. When they finished at 10:15 pm, it was announced that contracts were renewed for both George Purnell and Pat McDonald. The board is also considering shifting the principals’ responsibilities. Currently Purnell is principal of John Mall and the 7th and 8th graders at Peakview, while McDonald is in charge of PreK through 6th grade. Under the new proposal McDonald would assume duties for PreK through 8, while Purnell would be the high school principal and remain as athletic director.
Gardner teacher Pamela Levie was given the nod of approval from the board after she shared with them that she had been selected for an International Exchange, projected to be with Ms. Vivian Scott of South Australia. This exchange would be for the 2013 calender year. From Jan 2013, Levie would teach in Australia, and Scott would teach in Gardner School. This is part of the Australia New Zealand Educator Exchange program, (ANZEE.) which has sucessfully placed teachers for more than 25 years.
The principals gave their reports. Peakview Elementary had a very successful Safety Day. Principal McDonald was happy to report that during the safety drill, his 322 students walked out silent, hand in hand, excellent in procedure and protocol. Principal Purnell was equally pleased to report that his prom goers had a safe and successful night.
Gary DiDomenico gave the board his technology report, on items critical for future technology needs for the school district and how to aquire them.
The board considered and passed an application from Jolene Nation for a Colorado Preschool program.
The board supports the concept that tradition is an important component in the development of school pride, culture, and community spirit. Therefore they considered and passed revised policy stating that Peakview and John Mall High School colors shall remain purple and white.
In final business, Gardner 5th and 6th graders will be going on their board-approved overnight trip to Camp Jackson in Rye, Colorado in May. There was also an update on John Mall’s sports complex with its drainage and locker room issues.