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Re-1 fails to hire Athletic Director

by Brian Orr

WALSENBURG- After a half hour of contentious debate, the Re-1 School Board rejected the recommendation of their own committee and did not hire Gaye Davis as the District’s Athletic Director for no pay.

    Board members Art Ortiz and Robert Duran wanted to get previous Athletic Director Pete Gomez back for the job,but Gomez is asking for $14,000 for the job- far beyond what it has the ability­ to pay.  Board President Jesse Jackson led the charge against Davis, stating he felt she would “struggle” in the position, given that she was the District’s grant writer, project director and building supervisor.  At that point, Davis interrupted, stating according to her contract with the District, she is only the grant writer.  Several months ago, the board, again led by Jackson, voted against having Davis be the District’s Maintenance and Custodian Supervisor.  Davis, who had been acting in the capacity of building maintenance supervisor, because of her work in obtaining grants relating to the HVAC systems on school buildings, has since stopped acting in that capacity.  Several board members were surprised to hear she was no longer doing building supervision, feeling it was “implied” that she continue to do so, as the grant writer for the projects.  “I serve at the luxury of the board,” Davis stated, “and what I’ve heard is you want me  as a grant writer.” 

    Davis’ job position was not clarified by the Board, and when asked after the meeting what she intends to do, she responded, “Well, my resume’s been updated…”

    Meanwhile, with no Athletic Director, the positions of football coach and assistant coach, as well as head volleyball coach and assistant coach go unfilled.  With sports seasons rapidly approaching, students are left on their own to prepare and train.

    In other Board business, six new teachers were hired, with a number of other teachers, including music and P.E. pending.

    It was decided that Re-1 will retrench all of its outside classes, as well as its administration back into the Washington School, in order to maximize the use of the facility.  Spanish Peaks Daycare, which now uses Washington School may flip-flop with the school administration and move in the school building at 611 W. Seventh Street, after the building is modified to meet their standards.  The final decision on that will be made at a later date.

    Approval of the 2008-09 district budget was given, as well as appropriations for the 2008-09 school year.

    The Board approved sticking with USAPartners, a grant-finding organization until August 1.  USAP has been working with the District for the past year in finding funding for the athletic track, but has come up empty handed so far.

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