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Re-1: buses, students, sports complexes

by Jaye Sudar
WALSENBURG- The meeting opened with the board giving their condolences to Superintendent Dawn Olson whose husband Jim passed away on August 15.
Principles reported that the schools are nearly ready. The high school bathrooms have been completed, and the locker rooms and gym will be ready by September 1. This includes refinished floors, and bleachers in the gym.
The Sports Complex is closer to being finished. The lights are working which means that there will be no Saturday afternoon games. Concrete has been poured and the announcement booth is due in next week. Celebration at the Sports Complex will be September 22 at 6 pm. Donations towards this and the complex would be appreciated. Open houses have been scheduled for all schools, and enrollment is sitting at 668 students. 96 at Gardner, 356 for Peakview, 85 for the Jr. High and 131 for the high school.
The district voted to extend the Charter School Application Deadline to December 13, 2011. This will allow time for the new board to come up to speed on the charter issue. A proposed workshop on November 29 would provide background and general information to the new board. The district accountability committee, the school district and the charter school group work together on details of the charter school.
The partnership proposal concerning the bus to Gardner school passed. Buses will run from Walsenburg to Gardner, including the Turkey Creek route. It was stated that the two routes actually were cheaper than the old route that stopped at Badito. The partnership group and the school district will work to iron out the details as there are twenty-four families in Walsenburg sending their students to Gardner.
The Bond Redemption is going well in spite of the stock market uproars. The district will be saving the voters of RE-1 $274,194. The Targeted District Improvement Plan (TDIP) is moving into its second year with eight training sessions planned for the year. The district gained ten points in its first year when the average gain is three. The districts rating is at 47.1.
In other business, the district approved the substitute lists for teachers, secretaries, custodians, bus drivers and cooks and hired a math teacher. Graduation will be at 7 pm on May 25. It is hoped that graduation will be outside under the lights. The board approved a list of volunteers for the district, accepted a USDA Grant for $25, 000 and received home school notifications from two families.
August 26 at 4 pm is the deadline for school board petitions. District A has one petition out to Jaye Sudar. Paul Rivera has pulled a petition for District B. Erin Jerant and Eva Vigil have pulled petitions for District C. David Tesitor has pulled a petition for District E. Julia Marchant and Barbara Buckwalter have pulled petitions for District G. Julia Marchant’s petition has been turned in. If there are no contended districts, the board will not have to have an election. Those people who have petitions entered would simply become the board members. Districts D and F, held by Sandi Dotter and Elisha Meadows, are not up for election at this time.