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Raton’s 2016 Zuke Fest

1633 CFX Cruz HUMAN  raton zucchini fest

RATON — Despite rain, the intrepid zukers came out in force on Saturday, along with a hysterical vegetable race. The annual Zuke Fest happened in Raton on 1st Street, with eight entries coming from far and wide. Ray Sisneros was the grand prize winner with a zucchini that weighed in at 9 pounds 14.5 oz., Dennis Fernendez came in second with a 6 pound 12 oz. specimen. Third place was Shane Evans with another hefty zuke that weighed 5 pounds 1 oz. Shown in the photo left to right is Dennis Fernendez, Ray Sisneros, and in the front is Shane Evans. Congratulations to the winners! Photo by Kenny J. Cruz.