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Random Act of Kindness

Birds of a feather help out together

by Miguel Olvera
5th grade student in Ms. Martinez’s class
RATON — Imagine sitting outside on your porch and seeing a nest fall out of a tree onto the road.  You decide to help but the mama bird comes so you back off afraid she will attack.  The mama bird does not know what to do and she leaves for a little bit.  When she comes back, she has hay in her mouth and tries to make a nest in a different tree.  Then while she is doing that you try to grab the nest so that you can put it somewhere safer and not out in the open .

Then you stop because in the distance you hear a motorcycle and you don’t want to get run over.  A man stops by your lawn and sees the birds on the road.  He picks them up and puts them on the grass.  You tell this man that he saved a whole family of birds.  I asked him if I could write this article about him and he said “sure”, but I forgot to ask his name.

This is what I experienced, a man caring for wild animals.  After he left, I watched the birds so they wouldn’t be eaten by a dog or cat.  The mama bird came back and took the four little birds one by one and she put them in her new nest.  I wrote this article to show that kindness is in everybody and I hope that the gentleman reads this and knows that it’s about him.