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Primero Bulldogs lose against Deer Trail

by Ruth Stodghill
PRIMERO — The Primero Bulldog high school football team was on the road again this weekend, challenging the Deer Trail Eagles on Saturday, Oct. 2.

With a 2-2 record so far far, the Eagles have had a decent season, although they’ve also had some stumbles. While Deer Trails has strong upperclassman leaders on the team such as senior Dayne Woodis and junior Sikuea Samate, over half of the Eagles roster is made up of underclassmen, making the team a prime candidate for the Bulldogs, composed almost entirely of freshmen this season, to tackle on relatively even footing.

While Primero was looking for a win, they were ultimately defeated by Deer Trail by a final score of 66 to 24. Missing players and injuries hampered the Bulldogs, although they did have several strong plays.

Team leaders included freshman Brett Kendall, whose running and throwing led the Bulldogs to all four of the team’s touchdowns. Kendall, with roughly sixty-two rushing yards per game, is almost double the national average. Another strong player for the team is freshman Marcus Hahn, who is dominating in tackles and sacks.

The Bulldogs will enjoy a bye week this upcoming weekend. They will return to play on their home turf for their homecoming game against Mountain Valley on October 16.

Box scores:
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final

Primero 16  2  6 0  24
Deer Trail 28 28  0 0  66