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Pond augmentation and South Baker Creek Reservoir topics at CSWD meeting

CUCHARA — At the September 12 meeting of the Cucharas Sanitation and Water District, General Manager Bob Northup reported the yearly water testing at the water plants in Cuchara should be finished by the end of next week, although they need to shut down the tank for construction. On renovations for the Dog Bar, Northup said he ordered certain materials for the job and they should arrive “this coming Wednesday.” Reportedly, 513 feet of six inch pipe will be directly replacing the old four inch pipe that’s running underneath the Dog Bar now. Cal Sandbeck, spokesperson for the pond owner committee, reported there are enough people to commit up to $18,000 for use with the pond augmentation plan, but said, “We need to know what to do if someone backs out.” “That’s kind of on you guys,” replied Chairman Art Pierce. “You need to firm up your commitments. We’re firming up our commitment.” On finding an engineer for the ponds, community member Marshall Moore stated, “We’re waiting for approval.” He added that he does want to make sure what

Jeris Danielson of Danielson & Associates water resource consulting firm is working on, is separate from the ponds, though there may be overlaps in the process. He then spoke on the agreement with augmentation pond owners, and said the new evaporation rate should be established and the augmentation plan, which is temporary at the moment, needs to be finalized. Financial commitment on both sides is reportedly up to $50,000. Moore suggested letting money count against the pond owner’s cost because “they’re already paying out of pocket for this. The next step is to really prove the point about evaporation.” Pierce agreed, saying, “We have different weather than Walsenburg and La Veta do.” The estimate for Jeris Danielson’s work comes to about $20,000. Most of the cost will come in, according to Moore, “possibly two years.” “There’s a difference between getting the evaporation rate lowered and getting our approval,” he added. Northup said, “If no one opposes, it’ll go through pretty quick.” Moore also mentioned the South Baker Creek Reservoir, reporting that Jeris Danielson presented a letter of engagement and preliminary checklist for a feasibility study on a dam for Baker Creek, as well as checking on estimates of the cost of the feasibility study, engineering, and construction of the dam. He said that, after some discussion with Doug Brgoch and Sandy White on the importance of water storage, “We need to find a location for the water. Bruce’s property won’t work.” Pierce discussed the possibility of putting in a sewer line for a Cuchara public restroom. Those who are planning to construct the public restroom are discussing with business merchants and owners, and requesting that the board waive all tap and service fees since it would be such a benefit to the public. Northup spoke on the offer to purchase water rights. Jack Britton reportedly had water in his possession several years ago that he wanted to sell for about $100,000; it was, according to Northup, “really not that usable.” The board decided to decline the offer, as they don’t need the water. An unnamed homeowner requested a reduction on rates during the construction of his home. He reportedly asked for half rate while the construction was underway, and expects to be finished between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The board made the decision to reduce the rate from August 1 through December 31. The budget committee was appointed, and includes Art Pierce, Jim Berg, Jennette Coe and Bob Northup.