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Police phone number changes

by Larry Patrick

WALSENBURG- Numerous changes are going on at the dispatch center for emergency services in Huerfano County. The County took over the dispatch services from the City of Walsenburg on Feb. 1st. The new communications director, Don Mercier, says the name has been changed to the Huerfano Emergency Dispatch Center from the previous Walsenburg Communications Center. A new mission statement has been written which says, “The mission of the Communication Center is to assist in the preservation of life and property through professional, efficient, courteous and responsive service to the community and agencies we serve.”

    The new dispatch center is no longer operating under the Walsenburg Police Department or the Sheriff’s Office. 

    This Saturday, a new phone system will be installed for the Dispatch Center.  Emergency calls or to report a crime or other suspicious activity will still use 911 or 738-1044. If you are unable to get through on those numbers this weekend, call the State Patrol Dispatch at 544-2424.

    The 738-1044 has been available for administrative services at the Walsenburg Police Department in the past but will not be available for that need beginning on Sunday. The administrative numbers for the Walsenburg Police will be 738-1056. For the Sheriff’s Office, it will be 738-1600. Dispatch personnel will no longer answer administrative lines on a regular basis. Administrative calls are those that are non-urgent or calls to the jail along with calls not requiring the dispatching of police, fire or emergency services. Citizens are encouraged to write these new phone numbers down.