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Police Beat for June 25, 2009

From the desk of Patrol Sergeant James Chamberlain

    With the onset of warmer weather here in Walsenburg, there has been an increase in the number of people out late at night.  There are those that are just enjoying the weather, but there are also those who are out to take advantage of the darkness to commit crimes.

    Burglars like easy targets so they will break into your home when no  one is around.  They will look for houses that appear to be easy to get inside through a window or a door.  That is why it is important to make sure your door is as secure as possible.

    Here are steps to take to burglar proof your doors.  Make sure your door is in plain sight – A house with overgrown trees and bushes can block the view of the front door, giving criminals a perfect spot to hide while they break inside.

    Check your door – Before adding any security devices to your door, make sure it is hung correctly.  There should be screws in every hole for the hinges, because the more securely a door is attached to a wall, the harder it is to break down.

    Dead bolts – Regular doorknob locks can be easy to get through.  A dead bolt can be installed easily and quickly and make the entry way far more secure.  They cannot be pried open and are an effective security device.

    In these tougher economic times, some feel it is easier to steal than to legitimately make their way through life.  Your front and back doors are common and easy targets for those that may try to get inside your home.  Don’t let them – take precautions to reinforce your doors, even if it is just bracing it with a pole or board.  Do not provide easy access for criminals.

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