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Police Beat for June 11, 2009

by Susan Blake

WALSENBURG– Corey is 22 years old and a Walsenburg native.  He graduated from John Mall High School in 2006.  Corey has a 2-year old daughter. His family owns a towing company in Walsenburg.

    Corey worked at the Acorn Gas Station from the time he was in 8th grade until 2007.  At that time, he went to work for the Walsenburg Dispatch Center where his decision to become a police officer was made.

    In May 2009, Corey graduated from the Police Academy in Pueblo.  Since graduation, he has worked for the Walsenburg Police Department where he is to be trained by his mentor and trainer, Captain Art  Jaramillo.  Corey’s goal is to learn as much as he can and to be the best police officer he can be.

    Corey hopes to serve and protect the community he grew up in for as long as he can.

    Welcome to the Walsenburg Police Department Corey!

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