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Pole Canyon impact on County

by Larry Patrick

HUERFANO- An economic impact study was done by Zelinda Singh and Kevin Duncan, a college professor at CSU-Pueblo, on how the operation of wind energy towers could benefit Huerfano County.  The Pole Canyon Wind project will construct 150 wind energy towers in the county, adding 5.9 million dollars into the local economy.  58 construction jobs will be created providing approximately $54,000 in local taxes.  Each of the 150 towers should add approximately $40,000 to the economy based on the percentage of work done by a Huerfano County resident worker.

    Ongoing operation and rent to landowners should provide an additional 4.2 million dollars annually.

    Huerfano County is considered the windiest part of Colorado which will come as no surprise to most people who live here.

    The Huerfano County Commissioners received a quarterly report from Michelle Appel on the Teen Court Program.  It handles all diversion programs in the County and works with the regular court system, DA’s office and schools on handling numerous cases involving young people.  The program attempts to assist troubled youth in turning their lives around.  The Commissioners praised the program and efforts of the staff.

    The Re-1 school district asked for assistance of the County in moving the  stands and press box at the old football field to the new one for use on the visitors side.  The County will try to assist.