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Planning and Zoning looks at Presco drilling

by Susan Simons

WALSENBURG- At the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting Tuesday, Mar. 25, the main item on the agenda was the Presco application for Conditional Use Permits to drill five test wells in Twin Lakes Ranch.  Richard Ellis, representative for Presco, did not attend the meeting. The Planning Commission spoke with him by conference call.

    The Planning Commission recommended 25 more conditions; for example, that reserve pits be lined, surrounded by stock-tight fences,  and netted. They requested an on-site visit and asked that well sites and access roads be staked. Finally, they tabled a decision on the Presco application until their May 13 meeting to give County Commissioners time to have work sessions on land use regulations in other counties and to confer with legal counsel to consider the timing and wisdom of a moratorium on drilling in the county until local land use regulations can be put in place.

    Commissioner Roger Cain has scheduled a meeting with interested local geologists for Thursday, Mar. 27 at 10:30 am at the Commissioners’ meeting room in the county courthouse.  A Presco representative will attend.

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