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Plane crashes in high winds at La Veta airport


by Bob Kennemer
A small experimental plane craft crashed Friday morning at the La Veta airport.  The pilot and passenger, two men from Dallas, TX, were transported by EMS, no word yet on the extent of injuries.

According to an interview with Jim Wheeler of La Veta, who has his own plane at the airport, the two men, aspiring commercial pilots, had just purchased the plane from Dr. Larry Moore of La Veta, planning to use it to acquire more hours toward their pilot licenses.

Wheeler told the WJ that Moore strongly advised them not to take off, telling them that it was too windy, and that the 30 to 35 MPH wind measurement taken near the hangar would be much different at different points on the runway and in the air.  The duo decided to take off in spite of Morgan’s warning, intending to fly to Walsenburg’s airport, Spanish Peaks Airfield, to refuel and wait out the wind.